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Saturday, 29 July 2006

Visit to Myeongdong - shopping district

Yesterday afternoon, we left at 4pm (yes, we left at 4pm after sleeping in) to head to Myeongdong which is a busy mid-level shopping district in Seoul. We took a 25 minute subway ride and arrived without a hitch. Once we got there, wow, this was the true scene of Asia I am used to. The streets were jam packed with people and being over 6 feet tall, all I saw was a sea of black heads. This area is full of younger people, all shopaholics. There were lots of American and international brands everywhere. Lots of knock off stands and street stands selling food as well.

Caffe Pascucci looked nice...but we didn't venture inside:

"Excuse me, coming through...excuse me, coming through..."

Look at all these people...it's like herding cattle!

Shops, galore...

Whoops, she looked up right as I was taking the picture:

We were starving...so here comes another food picture. This time, it's KFC...I barely eat KFC back home (literally less than once a year) but in Korea, it just tasted so much better (probably because I've been eating nothing but Korean):

We went shopping inside this department mall called Migliore...and inside they had a few luxury floors filled with designer clothing. Of course we went crazy and spent all our money--wait, I'm not that rich:

Korean clothing is VERY expressive. Lots of colors, designs and fabrics. Sometimes a bit too much. We tried to find some clothes we liked but it was pretty hard. Some stuff is just too crazy for my taste--plus, it's the same stuff on every floor! Let's hope for better luck the next time we go shopping.

One more thing, Von Dutch is HUGE here. Everyone wears Von Dutch hats and Polo hats. It's everywhere.

Check it out, a four storey Starbucks! It's really expensive to have Starbucks in Korea. The price of a tall frappuccino is around $6cdn!

We noticed everyone had these plastic fans. So we asked this Korean girl where she got hers. She pointed to this cosmetic store that was handing them out by the hundreds. What a brilliant marketing campaign!

Everyone knows I'm a sucker for deals...well this time I got punk'd. After walking for two hours I was super tired and we saw the following sign:

So, we decide to walk up the stairs and take a break. The moment we sit down we are served tea and the free "cake and fruit dessert". We were gonna share a sundae but it turns out there is a minimum charge for each person (nothing is free in life, except for Costco food samples, remember that line):

So we order a sundae and chocolate milkshake. I was expecting a nice looking sundae, but I was disappointed when I was served the following trio of NEOPOLITAN! D'oh!

OK, fine...so this wasn't a bright idea after all. But, there was a happy ending after all with this picture--look how low the ceiling is...I'm not sure if this so called "level" is even legal!

Us waiting for the subway back to Mokdong after a long evening of walking:


Bryan Leung said...

Von Dutch here is popular also because of the fact that hats are 10,000won because they are all fake!

Anonymous said...

lol u got ripped - u can get them for 8,000 :p god i love this country \o/

aljensen said...

What about Dongdaemun???

Anonymous said...

Hey, interesting account of Myeong Dong. Well, it's my 1st time in seoul... and certainly look forward to spend my coming weekend there. Cheers. =)

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