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Friday, 18 August 2006

Apgujeong--The Beverly Hills of Seoul

Louis Vuitton.
Salvatore Ferragamo.

These are just a few of the places where I go shopping now and then whenever I feel the need to spoil myself (you all know how I'm a high roller...haha). They can also be found in Apgujeong, the "Beverly Hills" of Seoul. This is where you get to go today! We ventured inside the Hyundai Department store...we didn't get a chance to visit "fashion street" as it was too far away. Next time though!

Check out this 80" plasma TV...looking pretty nice I must say:

This is a picture of a grocery store inside...it was really nice and expensive:

I was considering this 164,000w fruit basket, but I changed my mind because it was too cheap:

For all the Canucks out there, I was surprised to see this: Whistler water!

How about a live gourmet cooking demonstration?

Next time I will have some better pictures. Question for everyone out there...are the background colors of my blog messed up? The green at the top and the white background does not show on my computer. Any feedback would be appreciated! :)


Unknown said...

Your blog looks fine from out here, but I think I'd have to see it on that 80-inch TV to be sure.

Queen of the Universe said...

I use firefox... I see the green header, the pale grey/blue sides and the white content section. No Problems.

Gary said...

Thanks for the feedback everyone. Looks like my computer is messing things up!

Anonymous said...

lol, fine on FF and IE on PC. ;-)

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