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Saturday, 26 August 2006

Jeju Island...arriving in Seogwipo

The first step to Jeju was to take the subway to Gimpo International Airport, which was only eight stops away from Omokgyo, the closest subway station to our place.

Once we got to Gimpo, we checked in, got our tickets, waited for an hour, then took our 50 minute flight on Asiana Airlines to Jeju International Airport. Once we arrived in Jejusi, we took a "bus limosine" #600 to Seogwipo (the southern city on Jeju) which took about an hour and thirty minutes. This bus makes stops at all the major hotels along the way so it took a while. My 20GB iPod helped us pass the time.

Once we arrived in Seogwipo, the moment we stepped off the bus we ran into a couple from work! It was really weird, we knew they were going to Jeju but it was so random to see them!

Ok...this is where it gets interesting. Get ready. I booked our hotel online through HotelTravel.com and got a really good rate of $52US/night at the New Kyungnam Hotel. HotelTravel also lets you book at the major hotels on Jeju (EG, the Hyatt, the Lotte Hotel, etc...) so I figured these hotels would be reputable. The moment we stepped in the New Kyungman Hotel, we realized the only "new" part of the hotel was...NOTHING! It was quite dark and dirty in the lobby, forshadowing what our room was going to look like!

So the bellman takes us to our room and when we enter we are somewhat...shocked. The room looked tidy but the actual room was old, dirty and falling apart. The washroom was absolutely horrendous, it was quite humorous. So Devante (or Lady Gdog) thought we were staying in a nicer place because I was previously flaunting our $52US/night online deal we got. Haha, looks like the joke was on Gdog (aka landing Gdog in the dog house, hee hee)!

Lady Gdog found a MAMMOTH sized beetle/flying bug on the curtain and we forced the bellman to eradicate it. It took him a few tries and when he was exiting our room, he just flashed us a smile...a smile that read "haha, welcome to the "New" Kyungnam, suckers!" It felt like we were in a bad movie! I was waiting for Ashton Kutcher to pop out of the closet to say "YOU'VE BEEN PUNK'D!" and inform us that the bellman was an actor...but that never happened. Darn.

Anyways, we tried to make the best of it and hoped that the morning would fare better...

Welcome to Gimpo International Airport:

Our flight was aboard one of these jets from Asiana Airlines:

Complimentary English language newspapers available in Korea:

Ready to fly into the sky:

Once again, here is the Korea sized paper cup you all know about:

Bus #600 to Seogwipo:

Here it is...the New Kyungnam Hotel (the pictures make it look OK, but up close it was kinda gross):

Furniture borrowed from That 70's Show...:

...the bathroom as well...the tub leaked when we showered:

Look how nice this is!

The area around the toilet--yummy!

The streets of downtown Seogwipo:

Our dinner...bulgogi (beef) noodles (here's the picture you've all been waiting for):

I've never seen this before...a Tom and Jerry store!

Where was I when Alaska became a part of Canada?


Anonymous said...

LOL! Your first hotel sounds like the one we had reserved in Jeju! Except ours was really nasty, complete with black moldy stuff all over the bathroom (ewww!). There was no way in hell I would have gone into that bathroom, let alone sleep there. Needless to say, we went right next door to Lotte Hotel that had just opened. It was a small fortune, but worth every penny. ;-)

Sounds like you had a short but (mostly) enjoyable trip? Your food pics make me so hungry!

Anonymous said...

Lol.. Nice post...
About last pic, Wasn't Alaska a part of Canada before the US bought it of us for pennies and found oil there.

I suspect this bag is not made in honor of Alaska's origin..

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