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Saturday, 26 August 2006

Jeju Island...venturing to Jejusi (central)

So we decided to spend our last night in Jejusi, the central city on Jeju Island in the north. We were closer to the airport so waking up for our morning flight would be easier.

We took another bus ride and this time after getting dropped off we were on the hunt for a hotel. After asking a local (who happened to speak English) about where to stay, she recommended that we try exploring down the side street where we were dropped off. We found Wind and Sand, a nice hotel that cost us 50,000w/night. This time around, our room was very clean and tidy--score!

We ventured to Iho Beach and relaxed there for a while. Afterwards we went back to Jejusi and explored the area. The next day we had to wake up and say good bye to Jeju.

So all in all, our trip to Jeju was nice, but the lack of planning and preparation showed. We decided on this trip last minute and unfortunately the weather did not cooperate. Oh well, you win some and you lose some. Time to head back to Mokdong and continue to document my daily meals!!!

Downtown Jejusi:

The owner was really friendly and helpful. There was even free internet:

Our room was very clean and cozy:

Iho beach, located near Jeju Airport:

Lots of fishing goes on in Jeju:

Look at these Jejunians (is that a word?) enjoy their Saturday afternoon:

While we were eating inside a Lotteria, these kids approached us "Hi!!!":

Inside the taxi towards Jeju Airport; most car owners attach this knob onto their steering wheels to turn faster...right:

Have you ever seen a Hyundai with a "tiptronic" style shifter? Well here it is (most cars in Korea are either a Hyundai or Kia)!


Unknown said...

hi there. have you been to the palaces in seoul? which one would you recommend? there are 4 popular ones but are they all worth visiting?

and...what would you recommend as something special about korea that is not really known.

thank you!

Gary said...

Hi there! Yes, I have been to the palaces! Check out my sidebar on the far left for my Places to Visit! Good LUCK!

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