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Monday, 7 August 2006

Our visit to Dong Dae Mun...

On Saturday we took a trip to Dong Dae Mun, which is another famous place to visit in Seoul for its outdoor markets. It was also extremely busy here as the streets were packed with people.

On the way to the Omokyo subway stop in Mokdong, we caught a local SBS TV station getting ready to film outside. This Audi SUV was hooked up and ready to be towed away for that "scene in the car while driving". I hope to infiltrate the Korean TV/Movie/Music industry one day. I can pretend to be a tall, dark and handsome looking 6ft 2" Korean (I'm Chinese).

This is apparently a huge Korean TV star:

Look at the crew...it was a pretty limited set I would say. The actress and actor inside the SUV had to dab their own sweat!

Here we are arriving at Dong Dae Mun...this is where there is a sports stadium:

Here is a picture of some people...there are always lots of people here, so you better get used to it:

Here is a picture of a canal where people were swimming and wading in. I think it's part of the Han River.

Here's a bigger picture:

Traffic in Dong Dae Mun...exciting, isn't it?

*Edit*: This is Dong Dae Mun, aka the East Gate (thanks to my fellow readers for notifying me of this; you'd think I would know since I'm LIVING in Seoul, haha):

Would you "Carrefour" (get it?) a side of Hepatitis A with your fruit (yummy in your tummy!)? The fruit is resting on huge slabs of solid ice. Notice the red tin can collecting the melted water run off:


Anonymous said...

You're Chinese?!?! I thought of you as 6'2" Canandian, eh. As in caucasian. Whoda thunk it. :-)

Oh, the big structure in Dong Dae Mun? That literally IS the Dong Dae Mun. ;)

Gary said...

Yes, the cat's out of the bag. I am a Chinese Canadian living and teaching English in Seoul!

Thanks for the tip on Dong Dae Mun!!

Anonymous said...

its the Cheonggyecheon, not the Han River. I hope you're enjoying Korea so far

Anonymous said...

Are there opportunities for Caucasian extra's in korean films?

Anonymous said...

I have a Korean American friend teaching English in China! Small world!

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