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Wednesday, 16 August 2006

Red Mango frozen yogurt

OK...so every time we walk to the Hyundai plaza area by our house we pass by this frozen yogurt place called Red Mango. It's always packed inside so I was dying to try it out. Finally, I got the chance!

Here's a picture of my $5cdn frozen yogurt (it included 5 toppings)...it was really good...but I don't know if it was worth $5 for a small. This is a prime example of how you will be spending your money like water in Seoul.


Anonymous said...

thanks for the pic!

do you know who invented this asian fro yo thing? i just went to pinkberry in l.a. and fiore in l.a., both very tasty asian froyo places. does red mango have a website? i couldn't find it.


Unknown said...

YES! I have been living in Korea for about 2 months now and Red Mango is amazing. I frequent the one in Insadong. Check out my blog of my Korean experience: www.fatboysinasia.com

Unknown said...

Yes red mango is awesome. I've lived in Seoul for 2 months now and frequent the RM in insadong. Red Mango is different than Pink Berry. Check out my blog: www.fatboysinasia.com

Anonymous said...

red mango in google results in:



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