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Saturday, 19 August 2006

Starbucks In Korea--bling bling $$$$$$$

We bought some used Lonely Planet books and on our way back we decided to visit Starbucks. Now, throughout the month of July and August we have been eyeing every single Starbucks location we've seen. We'd walk into the store, check out the ridiculous prices and then leave the store.

Well, on Saturday we broke down and decided to try Starbucks in Korea for the first time.

Walking into Starbucks, no matter where in the world you are immediately hit with that coffee smell:

Hmmm...what should I order? No kimchi available? That's ridiculous!

This employee spoke English, albeit very limited. We asked for mugs instead of paper cups (there's a charge for paper cups), but I think he misunderstood and gave us paper cups anyways:

...finally, here's the damage.
A blueberry scone and two tall lattes for 10,600w. Don't forget the 10% VAT (value added tax) that most western restaurants charge and boom...we just spent about $12 cdn! Wasn't that fun? Yay!


Anonymous said...

that's what would cost in the u.s. i like starbucks coffee, but paying a lunch price for a cup of flavored coffee is insane.

Anonymous said...

That's extortionate one of the reasons I never use StarBucks they are just too expensive.

Unknown said...

Go to Coffee Bean. They're not as evil as Starbucks and seemed to be way cheaper when I was out there.

Anonymous said...

That's actually pretty cheap if compared to the prices we have in Switzerland! in Zürich you would pay about 6.90$ for ONE tall caramel latte!! that's really insane! but I love Sturbucks anyway! ;-)

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