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Monday, 18 September 2006

Convenience stores in Korea...the cornerstones of survival!

Coming to a big city like Seoul to teach English means one thing: getting to choose from a variety of convenience stores to fuel your junk food/snack cravings! Feel like eating kimchi or instant Ramen noodles in the middle of the night? Need some sugar? Chips? Pop? Razors? Shampoo? Toothbrushes? Cigarettes? Company? If you said "YES!" to all of the above, keep on reading below!

I've taken the liberty of taking pictures of the most popular convenience stores that I've seen. If you know of others that should belong here, please contact me.

Here's one of the most popular stores...Family Mart:

GS25 is also really popular...I think there are also GS25 gas stations too...I think they should design a car model after this store.

Don't forget the ever popular 7-Eleven...oh thank heaven (excuse the blurry picture)!

"I don't have time for lunch...oh wait, I'll just make a mini stop at MiniStop!"

"It's 3am. I am craving kimchi. Let me make a quick trip to INnOUT!"

"Buy the way, do you feel like eating ice cream at Buy the way?"

"How about a quick trip to IGA mart at IGA mart (ok that didn't work very well)?"

This store sounds like a TV station...C-Space! It's out of this world (get it?):

That's it for now, time to get ready for work. Hope you enjoyed this!


Jon Allen said...

I think we have at least one of each of five of those shops just within the local area of 8 blocks! Oh and an extra one: a "KCC supermarket" . I'll send you a photo.

ZenKimchi said...

A little trivia: the GS-25 was LG-25 until a year ago. Something to do with a break up of LG so that different family members controlled different departments.

Don't you love the tables outside? Grab some beer and grub, and it's the cheapest bar to hang out with your friends.

Gary said...

Yeah, I love the convenient stores. Send me that photo Jon!

zenkimchi: yes, the tables are very handy...I love samgakgimbap!

Anonymous said...

I am very pro LG25. Or GS25. I say it is the classier of the mini marts.

wizwidz said...

Hi Gdog!

What a very informative blog you have! I arrived in Seoul last month and found out your blog while I was searching information about Korea (esp. Seoul). I'm looking forward to your posts since I have bookmarked this page as a daily-must-read-blog. :D



Anonymous said...

The convenience stores are the best. The water choices, the teas, and the nutritional supplements are awesome. Can you post a photo of the numerous small bottles of supplements? Even a health food store here doesn't carry as many items conveniently and cheaply.

Anonymous said...

I was wondering at theses shops do they sell pads and other girly needs

Unknown said...

Does the 7-11 have slurpies?

Lionel Braithwaite said...

IGA? In Korea? What's next, Mac's Milk? And will Tim Horton's (a part of Wendy's) ever get there?

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