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Monday, 18 September 2006

Our 7th anniversary--Skyview 41 restaurant

Sunday was our seven year anniversary! To celebrate we went out for dinner at Skyview Restaurant and Bar, located the 41st floor of a nearby office tower (5 minutes away).

The view was breathtaking...this place was really nice but I would rate the food as mediocre. Reservations are required--we lucked out as they were fully booked on Sunday night, but they called us in the afternoon as someone had cancelled.

Welcome to Skyview...the menu was a little bruised and battered as you can see from the edges:

The view made up for everything else though...take a look:

Here's some complimentary bread and soup:

The restaurant interior was fairly large. Live bands play here nightly:

My appetizer...smoked salmon (there was almost too much salmon, I was getting full!):

Devante's appetizer...Caesar salad...with anchovies (overpowering actually):

My main course: beef tenderloin with mushrooms and cheese:

Devante's main course...halibut with a jumbo prawn. Her plate was a little too "busy"...we found a huge mound of spinach underneath the halibut:

Now for my little rant (which is not really one)...Skyview had one of those "number" machines that make chimes for the next person in line...like at government offices or some banks. It was a a little annoying hearing it chime to inform the servers of meals being ready. Also, the lighting was a little overpowering inside. Too much light meant it was hard to enjoy the view of Seoul at night. That's about it. Overall, we had a good time but it wasn't life changing. Ta ta for now. ;)


Anonymous said...

Awww, happy anniversary T&G.

Congrats, Blondie

estlxlan said...

happy anniversary! 7 yrs?! wow.. that's long! =)

this skyview restaurant seems like a very popular place to dine in. it was featured in many tv-drama too. =)

S Lloyd said...

Since you are familiar with Korea and fine dining, my question: what is the situation of fine dining in Seoul? What are the upscale fine dining tables that would easily grab 1-2 Michelin Star overthere.
PS: I interviewed Korean-Born Chef Corey Lee about that, among other questions. You can see the interview here:

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