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Sunday, 3 September 2006

Yeouido Park: bike riding along the Han

Imagine this: it's Saturday morning, the sun's shining and there's a nice breeze outside to boot. What would you want to do? Our destination was a visit to Yeouido Park, located in the same area where the 63 Building (you'll remember our visit to the 63 Building here) is in Yeouido.

The park was beautiful and many people were seen enjoying themselves in the outdoors. We rented bikes for 3000w/hour and rode through the park down to the Han River. It was a spectacular sight to see Central Seoul across the river. I've been trying for the past few weeks to head down to Yeouido to play beach volleyball, but I haven't had the time to do so yet.

Welcome to Yeouido Park!

There are pathways for bicycles and pedestrians:

Used bicycles galore...which one do I want?

Now this is how you enjoy yourself...napping on a bench in the park:

Here's a first...riding my bike with one hand and my camera in the other:

Down by the Han River...look at the gorgeous view:

Riding by the Han River...here's the 63 Building in the background (it was the tallest building in Korea; it was surpassed by the Hyperion Tower A; coincidentally, located 5 minutes away from us):

This is what happens when you get too much sun:

King Sejong the Great, the creator of Hangul (we're going to try to learn the language):

The heights (no pun intended) some people go to take the perfect picture (one day I will be like him...one day):

On the way home...these are the LG Twin Towers:

Common food stalls on the streets of Seoul (yes, those are corn dogs):

When you crave rotisserie chicken, find one of these bad boys: mobile rotisserie chicken trucks!


Jon Allen said...

You could have dropped in on us, we live 5 mins walk from the park.

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