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Tuesday, 10 October 2006

Checking out Gangnam...

We went to Gangnam the other day, a huge shopping area in the south eastern part of Seoul, near COEX. This place was pretty busy and had lots of neat shops. If you're looking for a Canon camera retail store in Seoul, there is one located on the main strip of stores here. You can test out working models and lenses. Anyways, let's move on to the observations already!

Walking down the street...see the golden arches? They are everywhere in Korea:

A Starbucks take out window...sweet!

I was walking along and saw this Turkish food stand (why can't I ever remember these things?):

I bought one and it looked like this; the tortilla shell was overpowering making it very dry:

Canon Plaza, an authorized retailer of Canon products. There is another store located in Namdaemun as well, where there are other digital camera shops with better prices (on digital SLRs) than Yongsan:


tonight at noon said...

really would like to find that canon shop in gangnam... could you tell me how to get there?
very much appreciated if you could...

Anonymous said...

it would be greatly appreciated if I could get directions to the canon store in gangnam. could you email me some specifics? Thanks a million.

. said...


Could you give me some specific directions to the Canon Plaza, would love to visit there. Thanks a lot in advance.


Bo Bae said...

hi there, I will be going to Korea on June 28th and will be staying in the Gangnam area (Ramada Hotel). Could you give me some insights where can I go for some fun? Like, the places for the younger crowds (lol) :) I will be joining a tour so I probably going to stroll around Gangnam at night. thank youuu :D


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