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Sunday, 22 October 2006

The DMZ tour...part deux: the 3rd tunnel and Dorasan Station

Part of our tour included a tour to the 3rd tunnel, one of the many tunnels the dug under the DMZ by North Korea towards South Korea. This little adventure down to the tunnel involved walking down a tunnel that was 300 meters long and at an 11 degree angle (it felt like 45 degrees on the way back up). We had to wear hard hats on the way down and no cameras or bags were allowed (free storage lockers were available).

This is a picture of what we experienced once we got to the main tunnel. Gdog had to walk the entire way with his back hunched...I was sweating and my thighs were burning after this little walk:

Just across the way from the 3rd tunnel, there was the DMZ museum which was pretty interesting:

Here I am outside posing for the camera (that's a popsicle stick in my mouth; it was a pineapple popsicle for those who really care):

Around 2:50pm our bus left towards Dorasan Station. This station will one day have service to Pyongyang. Currently, there are no trains in use so it's just sitting there...idle:

Inside the station you can see there is a ROK soldier on duty. Notice the sign says "To Pyeongyang"...it's a weird sight:

It cost 500w (50 cents) to gain entry to the tracks...watch Gdog in action:

...and here was what I got to see! I jumped onto the tracks because I saw few guys from another tour do the same. Monkey see, monkey do!

Who wants to head north? Let's go!

...tomorrow...you will get to see the part you've been waiting for...the Joint Security Area. I have some amazing videos that you won't want to miss. Here we are, lined up ready to enter the JSA...I'm going to bed. Good night and check back tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

oh... did i hear you speaking in korean?

Gary said...

Hehe, yes I said "thank you"...I've learned some basic Korean and I want to learn more. Good ears! ;)

jano said...

i can't believe you had to walk down the tunnel! i was in korea about a year ago and went on the tour and we got to take a little cart down. gah!

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