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Thursday, 5 October 2006

Namdaemun Market...in the heart of the city

We wanted to check out some markets while in Seoul--one of the biggest is Namdaemun Market, in the heart of Seoul. It is located right by Namdaemun, the "large south gate". You can find everything here...cheap food, textiles, clothes, toys, misc. items...etc. This market is huge and open all day and all night.

Look for this giant gate and you will find the entrance to Namdaemun Market:

The entrance to Namdaemun market:

I found this on the ground to give you directions:

These markets are crowded. When I mean crowded, I mean getting to know smell of the person next to you!

Vegetables for sale...don't they look deeeeeelicious?

This guy was FAST. He was making deep fried hot peppers on skewers and wrapping them with the paste...you gotta see this to believe it:


Anonymous said...

Great posts as usual... and thanks for including the directions.

Anonymous said...

kev and I ate there today, but there must be two margharita in hongdae, cuz this one wasn't on the 3rd fl, it was on the bottom floor. Food was too fusiony for my tastes. As discussed on friday, taco amigo still has my vote.

Ps. thanks for the comments!

Anonymous said...

Hi - i'm visiting Seoul in a few weeks, and am looking to pick upa few lenses for my camera - can you recommend a few places to go - i'm looking to buy new only. Would really appreciate an e-mail to dave_maca@hotmail.com
Thank you in advance...


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