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Sunday, 26 November 2006

AGLOCO: get paid to surf the net!

I have received some emails from readers of my blog asking how I am making money on the internet. One method is through Google Adsense (Google's program is so successful their stock is now worth over $500US/share!). But another solution is slowly rising back from the ashes...

Back in 2000, there was a company called AllAdvantage that paid users to surf the internet with a small viewbar on their computer. The bar would display ads and AllAdvantage would send checks out to you every month. This was during the huge dot com boom and everyone was cashing in. I managed to make over $700CDN from AllAdvantage (it was a referral network based system), until the company went down along with the dot com bust.

I recently discovered that the founders of AllAdvantage are now back with a new company--called AGLOCO! The concept is the same--you sign up and surf the web as you would normally do (you get paid for a maximum of 5 hours, after which you can close the viewbar till next month; you can turn on/off the viewbar at anytime). Think of it as getting paid to read blogs on Korea, including notables such as ZenKimchi, I'm A Seoul Man, MaryEats or SeoulLife--or to check your email.

The concept is based on viral marketing--the more people in your primary network and your extended network, the more potential you will make.

Here's a scenario as presented by the AGLOCO member calculator. If you refer 10 people and they refer 5 people, and they all surf up 5 hours on the internet, you can make over $9000! AGLOCO will be paying its members in cash or either shares of the company when they release their IPO on the London Stock Exchange.

Here is a picture of the toolbar that will soon be released to the public:

If someone told me that I could get paid to surf the internet (something that I do anyways), I would laugh. But with AllAdvantage I did infact receive checks in the mail (along with my friends and family). The internet boom is coming around again (think YouTube, MySpace, Digg, etc) and I think this would be a great opportunity to jump onboard.

You can sign up for AGLOCO here (my member ID is part of the link). You have nothing to lose--but money! Okay...now let's get back to Korea...


moneyclicker77 said...


My name is Calvin, and I'd love to teach English in Seoul. But everytime I sent any agencies of my CVs, or emailing them my interest, I get no replies from them.

I stated that I'm a chinese descendent who lived in Malaysia for 4 years. Originally from UK.

So I don't see the problem there, maybe you could shed some lights with your mighty paws.

Thanks man.

Calvin aka Chee

Anonymous said...

thanks buddy!!
extremely useful blogs....i was looking something similar for a long time..
thank you
We are : www.nautanki.tv

Anonymous said...

this nautanki.tv is such a rip-off. I used their content on my blog. Many people viewed it and i am supposed to be paid when a user views their content~~~yet my account balance
shows that i havent earned anything....and i am so sure that many people saw that content (since there are comments for that post)~~~yet i havent earned a single penny~~~i am never goin to use their
content again......i hope the rest of you all become wise too~~dont use nautanki.tv~~~it doesnot pay~~~better you use google adsense only

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