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Saturday, 18 November 2006

Caught in the act: making fun of the teacher

Teaching English in Korea is a lot of fun. The students are great and the majority of them are extremely easy to manage (let me emphasize majority--there are always some bad apples in every bunch). This week, I caught a few students having some fun at my expense. I disciplined them by hanging them out the window by their ankles--that taught 'em good (note to self: run away when parents call)!

Exhibit A: Maybe they are implying I'm ancient, but I'm depicted as a bunch of different dinosaurs:

Exhibit B: This doodling was after Ted had finished a quiz. I caught him "blue" handed and snapped a quick picture. Do I really resemble a Neanderthal?

The following pictures are miscellaneous ones that you might enjoy. I'm teaching a lesson and out of a blue, my students start going crazy. We look out the door and notice this toddler roaming the halls aimlessly. "Hey kid, where are your parents?"

The inventing bug still hasn't gone away (I don't think it will anytime soon)...so let me present to you, a tie (yes, I said a tie) made out of scented toilet paper! If you'd like one, email me your mailing address and all the proceeds will go towards...more ties!


Unknown said...

You blog is the most informative source of information I have found.
I have enjoyed your comments and the pictures of Seoul and will be following in your footsteps.
Thank You.

Anonymous said...

how do i get ur email adress? i like that tie. my email is justxaxtragedy@optonline.net if u could send me yours. thanks.

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