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Tuesday, 21 November 2006

Eating king crab in Seoul...my birthday dinner!

Now, there's such a thing as eating crab, but there's also such a thing as eating KING CRAB! That was my experience as Devante took me out for dinner to the king crab restaurant downstairs (I've previously posted pictures about this place here and here). The owners even helped us sharpen our dull kitchen knives (click here)! We say "hello" them almost everyday. We went on Sunday night as we work evenings. I've passed by this restaurant everyday for the past four months, salivating at the sight of the crabs.

The moment we entered, the lady helped us pick a crab. The one she helped us decide on was approximately two kilograms (it costs 39,000w/kilogram--roughly $20us/lb!). Alrighty, let's have a seat inside now (on the heated floors I might add) and see what's coming up next!

Here he/she is...asking me not to eat him/her for dinner. Devante wanted no part in seeing this crab die!

Stop moving so I can get a clear picture...this was an enormous crab:

Inside the restaurant...we're both still mastering sitting on the floor and eating (it kills my back):

The side dishes were amazing. Salad, a few shrimp, tofu, pickled garlic, kimchi, soup, that veggie dish in the middle (I don't know the name...someone help me) and also an octopus dish that came soon after:

The moment you've all been waiting for...holy "crab" look at the size of this thing!

For your enjoyment...I'll be nice today:

This was the best we could do. I tried really hard to finish all the crab...but I think the side dishes did me in (damn you, side dishes!):

We can't forget the shell bucket!

On our way out, the owner gave us a bottle of champagne! I have no idea how she knew it was my birthday, but she said "present"...we were both surprised so we're going to return with a small gift from Homever.

Feeling like eating *burp* crab? Here's their number:


Anonymous said...

Jeebus, how long are your berfday festivities going to last? The pancake thingy filled with the veggies is called pajun. Big childhood favorite of mine.

Happy 25th year of life - the ajumma probably overheard someone say happy birthday to you at your table (eavesdropping skills are incredibly sharp in our people). Extremely kind of her.

Gary said...

Hi Carol, thanks for the kind words. My bday festivities are like Chuseok...they're never ending...muahhaha!

Anonymous said...

And I thought we were being indulgent throwing TWO birthday parties for our little guy! You have put us to shame. But, you didn't get to wear an amazing technicolor hanbok ... or is that coming in the next post?

Gary said...

Haha, okay, I'll be honest--I'm trying to compete with your kid, hence all these festivities! But, I'll give it to you, a technicolor hanbok does raise the bar to another level. You've inspired me to become the next "Joseph and the Technicolor Dreamcoat" of Korea!

Anonymous said...

i have to go with u guys to this place next time!!!!! muahahhah~~~
and i took the video g!! back at home.,not feeling good.. something really funny happened on my way back home... i'm so embarassed,,,heheh... anyways~~~

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