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Wednesday, 15 November 2006

Helping students see better...literally

As you've probably noticed, I've been on an inventing streak lately. I don't know how these things happen, I just wake up in the middle of the night and I see the light...err...okay, not really.
Anyways, one of my students in my higher level classes, Danny Boy*, arrived to class looking real glum. The following dialogue ensued:

Teacher: Hey Danny Boy, what's wrong?
Danny Boy: My glasses broke today...so now I have to hold them--my frail arms hurt.
Teacher: That's heartbreaking. Tell you what, I'm going to fix your glasses.
Danny Boy: How, teacher? How?
Teacher: Watch and learn, kid-- watch and learn. Remember who you're talking to (I point to the home made toilet paper dispenser and the paper brush holder)...just call me Mr. Wizard.

*Danny Boy is an alias to prevent Daniel's identity...ummm....oops.
(The above dialogue has been...modified for entertainment purposes)

So, I proceeded to fix Danny Boy's glasses. I took some Scotch tape and measured the necessary distance around his head. I took two long strips and stuck them together to form a band. Once they reached the glasses, two small pieces of tape finished the job. The results are below:

Angle A, side view: notice how the band is esthetically pleasing...I would compare it to clear bra straps (did I just say that? oh yes I did!):

Angle B, rear view: notice the amazing quality of the strap...

Danny Boy: WOW, I can see again!
Teacher: You're welcome Danny Boy...now let's get back to our lesson on why Pepero and McCol should be a staple in our diets.
Danny Boy: (shedding tears) I...don't...know...how I can thank you, teacher!
Teacher: 100,000,000w in cash, left in a garbage bag downstairs by the bike shop should suffice. Deal, or no deal?
Danny Boy: Deal!

The following image is how Howie Mandell would look like if Deal or No Deal took place 20 years ago:



Jon Allen said...

nice little link to the bra strap site. the home page is far more interesting :)

Anonymous said...

Hey it's the guy from the Boston Pizza commercials..

Gary said...

Jon: hehe, that was just for clarification.

Mark: Howie's moving on up in the world!

Anonymous said...

I bet that poor kid got the crap kicked out of him after he left your class.

Does he know your posting these online??

His dad would say: "Somebody gonna get a hurt reeeal baaad!"

Gary said...

Anonymous: Funny...they don't fight here, they just like to touch and grope each other. Search for my old posts!

Haha, it gets better. After I showed him the "light"...he decided to remodel the straps I made by using rolled up toilet paper instead.

Russell Peters is my homie!!!

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