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Thursday, 23 November 2006

How to call home for cheap from Korea--SkypeOut

When we first arrived in Seoul, everyone recommended to call home using calling cards. It's much cheaper for us to call Canada than vice versa. Times have changed. The traditional land line is being pushed aside by voice over IP technology (VoIP).

Calling home using a calling card is cheap. However, there is an even cheaper way--it's called Skype. If both you and your friends and family have Skype downloaded on their computers, you can call PC to PC for free. But if you want to use Skype to call a land line, SkypeOut is the best solution. For those who haven't used SkypeOut before, it's the cheapest way by far to call North America using VoIP. By using SkypeOut, Gdog & Co. can call home at a rate of $0.02US cents/minute! There are no monthly fees and the call quality is excellent.

All you need is a computer with internet access and a microphone (a microphone headset is recommended as it eliminates feedback). The best part about SkypeOut is that you can use it from any computer in the world--as long as Skype is installed and there's internet access. You just log in with your credentials and off you go! If you're not using using Skype to call home, you should start already. It's the most economical way (let me know if there's a cheaper method)!


ZOverLord said...

You can also use the Universal Chat Translator and Speaker for Skype as well, it supports Korean, as one of the 38 language pairs it will automatically translate Skype chats with, and it speaks Skype chats in Korean as well. For more information, please Click Here

Anonymous said...

I use Windows Live Messenger via Hotmail. Free computer to computer and supports free webcam chats as well. Computer to phone is .019/minute to most of the world. Yahoo has their system as well. Found that more of my friends and family use Hotmail.

Gotta watch some tv from the states now. Slingbox lets me watch live, or recorded, tv from back home through the internet -- without commercials if I record it first on a dvr.

Laston Lumbanraja, S.Sos said...

Hi, please read: http://marisi-last.blogspot.com/2010/11/senandung-arirang-secercah-harapan.html

I wrote in Indonesian, but you may use translator.

Gob bless

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