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Monday, 13 November 2006

How to order successful Korean delivery!

Our plan is to bring homemade lunches to work from Monday to Thursday--and then order Korean on Fridays. So far it's worked out fairly well (minus the days we become lazy slobs and we order on Thursdays). Usually we get our helpful Korean coworkers to order for us, but late last week I decided to try ordering myself (with one of the Korean counselors by my side). I called, told the restaurant the name or our hagwon, ordered the dishes, confirmed the order and asked for the price. Was I successful...?

Well, I was expecting donkatsu (pork cutlet) and I ordered Devante chamchi jigae (tuna and kimchi soup). Instead, a fish soup arrived to my surprise! Apparently the slight tonal difference in my pronunciation of donkatsu resulted in the fish soup. It was still delicious but I was ready for some deep fried pork cutlet action!

Anyways, fast forward two days later to Saturday. Devante was feeling a bit under the weather so once again I decided to test the lines and order Korean delivery--this time to our officetel. I called using our cellphone, told them our address, ordered a donkatsu and another soup to help soothe Devante's sore throat (she lost her voice for one day--but has now recovered to 90%), listened to them confirm our order, and hung up the phone...

...15 minutes later, our doorbell rings! Eureka! It was a great feeling being able to order Korean delivery (and actually getting it right for once)!

The moment I opened the door, the delivery guy just starts unloading all the food and sides on the floor. See that green bag? Once you've devoured everything, throw everything into the bag and leave it outside your door. Someone will pick up the bag eventually:

These dishes are hermetically sealed...look at this bowl of soup for example, half the roll was used (overkill in my opinion...don't you agree?)!

The best part about ordering delivery? You guessed it...NO DISHES! :)

Bonus picture: here's a night shot (my apologies, it's not my best) for all you Homever lovers out there...enjoy!


Anonymous said...

Well I guess the way the delivery guys ride their scooters they need to be sealed tight..

The first time I ordered it myself I spent five minutes trying to unwrap it, but my cousin taught me to rub the chopsticks on the rim of the bowl to open it up. Ingenious.

Anonymous said...

Oh, it looks so good. I wish more places in the US delivered, besides pizza places.

Gary said...

Mark, thanks for the idea. I'm going to try that.

Sandra: I agree, most places back home in Canada were only pizza places and some Chinese restaurants that delivered.

Anonymous said...

It really isn't that good. Korea food is bland at best. Usually the only thing worth eating is the main dish; the sides are crap from delivery places. Even the regular cabbage kimchi isn't very good.

Trust me, North America has it much better. There are plenty of delicious things that can be delivered.

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