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Saturday, 4 November 2006

Ice cream sponsored by a pig in a tuxedo

After devouring pieces of tender, marinated barbeque pork, we decided to get some dessert. So we dragged ourselves to the nearby GS25. I was browsing through their frozen novelty selection and saw this picture of a pig on a wrapper. This pig was decked out in a tuxedo--could it be pork flavored ice cream? Nah, probably just a cool looking mascot for the ice cream bar--that is until I took a bite and it tasted like bacon (kidding)! This ice cream bar is loved by our friend "Anyways"--so I decided to try it too. Devante passed on the ice cream and opted to watch me pig out instead (no pun intended).

Would you buy this ice cream bar? Look at the pig in the tux!

It was actually pretty good--notice the surprise in the middle:

Here's a little extra for ya...

"Pork fat rules!!! BAM BAM BAM BAM BAM BAM BAM!" -Emeril Lagasse


Anonymous said...

Thanks to being able to read Korean (and my boyfriend's translation) I can tell you that the name of that ice cream bar is "Pig Bar".


If you haven't tried it yet. Lotte's "Jaws" Ice cream bars are my favorite korean popsicle right now. It's berry ice coating (blue colored with shark teeth) and strawberry ice-cream on the inside.

Gary said...

Haha, thanks for the translation Lily! I'll give that Jaws ice cream bar a try!

Anonymous said...

What was the inside flavor?

Gary said...

It tasted like fruit...artificial strawberry of some sort.

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