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Tuesday, 21 November 2006

Just when you thought my birthday was over...it's not!

On Monday, the REAL day of my birthday, after work we went to...can you guess? That's right, Two Two Fried Chicken! Devante, myself, HC, Anyways, and ATL (she's taking me to see The Departed this week; how do you like your new nickname?) all went and ate fried chicken late at night (our favorite past time). Near the end of our meal, m&m (if she's reading this, you now know who you are) shows up with a surprise ice cream cake from Baskin Robbins (they also pitched in and bought me a ceramic heater; a coworker's birthday was on Sunday--so work bought us a cake too; so this was my second cake of the evening)!

The six of us devoured the cake like a hungry pack of wolves inside Two Two. It was quite the experience, finishing an entire ice cream cake without plates and only forks. ;-) Chicken was on me that night since I felt everyone was already doing too much for my birthday (hey, that's just the way I am).

My sister also mailed me a package to work! Inside were gossip magazines for Devante (she has an addiction to Perez Hilton) and some candy for me with a very nice card (the shipping cost from Canada exceeded the actual cost of the magazines+card+candy!).

Thanks to everyone who made my quarter-century birthday so memorable (gee, I shouldn't put it like that but oh well)! :)


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday G.I hope all your kimchi wishes came true!

Gary said...

Thanks Mary! I am now officially addicted to kimchi...kimchi, kimchi, kimchi!

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