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Thursday, 16 November 2006

Koreans love their cereal--fresh!

Who loves cereal? I do, along with millions of Koreans. They love to keep food fresh and hermetically sealed (read my post on Korean delivery). Cereal is no exception to this rule. Check out the "extras" that some cereal boxes have. If only cereal companies would do this back home, as we all hate it when our cereal goes stale.

Here's the regular fold that most boxes have...

Our friends at Post take it one step further..."this outta keep the darn air out!"

...and one more step, how about adding a sticker to seal in that freshness? Sweeeeet!


Anonymous said...

Is this the green tea cereal?

Gary said...

Nope...it was another cereal I tried. I'm still building up to the day that I try green tea cereal. :)

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