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Tuesday, 21 November 2006

My new digital SLR: Canon EOS Digital Rebel 400D/XTi/Kiss Digital X

For my birthday (gee, talk about a great birthday weekend) I got the new Canon Digital Rebel 400D/XTi/Kiss Digital X digital SLR camera! I've been patiently waiting to enter the world of dSLR photography and now was the perfect time for me to do so (no taxes on electronics + cheap prices make for a great deal). My trusty Canon SD400 will still be my side (especially when I need candid videos of the Homever parking lot guy), but this new digital SLR will enable me to have greater control over the pictures I take (and it's more fun too).

If you're looking to buy a digital camera in Seoul, the best place to buy a camera is in Namdaemun. I've checked out Yongsan and Techno Mart, but they cannot compete with the prices of the camera shops in Namdaemun. Especially if you are looking for a digital SLR, as Yongsan was overpriced and Techno Mart stalls did not have the new model. The shops are located near Namdaemun Market and there are many to choose from. I decided to make my purchase from Canon Plaza, an authorized retailer of Canon products. If you want a good website to compare online prices, check out Omi. It will give you a good ballpark of what prices to expect--and to know if you're getting a deal or not.

The model I bought (with a generous donation from Devante I might add; yes, I know I'm very lucky) was the Japanese model--the Kiss Digital X. It's the exact same camera as the 400D/XTi (English menus, not to worry), but since it has the Japanese warranty, it was a lot cheaper. I bought the 50mm f/1.8 prime lens to start with, a one gigabyte compact flash card, an extra battery, the Lowepro 100 AW slingshot bag, and the owner threw in a free UV filter!

Namdaemun is littered with camera shops...if you're a Canon or Nikon (or name your favorite brand) user, you'll be in heaven:

Canon Plaza...that's the guy I dealt with, he spoke good English:

They have a lot of lenses here...take your pic!

My new baby...here's the front:

...and the back:

Here's a cool feature...the 2.5" LCD automatically turns off once your face nears the sensor:

Now...where should I go to take pictures? Recommendations?


Anonymous said...

How much you paid for the Canon baby ?

Gary said...

Prices for the Kiss Digital X body range from 610-650,000w. You can figure out the conversion into the currency of your choice. ;)

Anonymous said...

I bought last years model for about $300 000 won at Yongsan

Coco n Friends said...

Yes its a great place... but go with a word of caution! With the exception of that guy at the canon plaza (who was very helpfull) each of the other 7 shops I went into tried to sell me the wrong items. I was looking for a ND x10 filter. 2 guys tried to sell me something completely different ( one neutral filter and one gradutated filter) claiming they were ND filters. The others all claimed that NDx10 does not exist so I should buy what they had.
So... know exactly what you want and know what it looks like!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for an informative/interactive piece on camera purchasing in Korea. Seoul will be a transit point for me soon and I'll take your advice on where to go for a good camera buy. Cheers

Gary said...

fiji: You're welcome! Thanks for visiting my blog. Good luck with your camera search.

Orchid said...

Hello Gdog,

I love the 50mm f/1.8 lens. It takes great pics. Have you bought any new lenses after that? What about the kit lens that comes with the camera? Did you get that or did you just opt for the 50mm?

I do not own a DSLR. I only have a Nikon SLR with the 50mm f/1.8 lens. I love it, but then don't use it as often as before since we are in the digital age nowadays. Hoping to get a Nikon DSLR soon when i can save up enough $.

Hey you can help out by visiting my blog and clicking on the ads. hehehehe... =)

BTW...your camera has a nice name. Kiss Digital X. Is it silver or black?

Gary said...

Hi Orchid, I have the Tamron 17-50 f2.8...it's an awesome lens! I also have a 70-300mm IS zoom lens. That's about it--for now. ;)

Time to get a digital SLR! The prices are dropping like crazy!

I would love to click on your ads, however that is a violation of the Google TOS and will result in you getting banned! So don't encourage it! ;)

My camera is the one pictured...in black! :)

keTor said...

hi gdog, I'm flying to seoul next week to do my master's there. I'm just wondering if there are any shops that sells second hand DSLR. Basically I don't have much to spend on a camera but I want to find a DSLR to grab good pictures with. My current cybershot DSCS500 just doesn't give me enough satisfaction :P Do you have any advice for beginners like me for the purchase?

Gary said...

ketor: get a Korean to help you navigate the online auction sites, as that should do the job easy!! Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Hi from New Zealand. I am traveling to the Chelsea Flower Show in May and will visit Korea for a few hours on the way over. If possible can you give me ideas on where to go for camera (nikon d40) stuff. Many thanks
John Whittaker www.john.co.nz

Lauren said...

I want to get a DSLR and want to get the canon 400D. (unless anyone knows of a better, similarly priced model)
how much do u think i should pay for it and where should i go? i went to yongsan today and they were going for 480,000 won. is that good??
i know nothing about lenses! do u get one with it, or what should i go for??? thanks!

Gary said...

Go to the Canon Store in Namdaemun, tell him you were sent by my website, tell him it was the tall Chinese guy from Canada who bought the Kiss Digital X and Tamron 17-50...he will give you a deal!

That's a good price--don't buy from yongsan!!

Anonymous said...

Just bought the new Kiss digital X2 body in the shop nextdoor to the Canon store for
770.000KRW (Cash price) incl 2GB card. If you want to pay with Card they will add 5%.

I read those threads before my trip and was helped not to buy the Korean version. Thanks!
/The Swede

Anonymous said...

Hi Gdog, I'm gonna be in Korea on wednesday and have been looking around for a Canon Rebel XTi.
I figure that I can coax my relatives into buying it for me when I get there. I now want the Kiss Digital X, cause the name is so cute hahaa xD
and i'm probably gonna go where you suggested..
however, i'm just wondering how much are they now? And what lenses do you reccomend me to buy for an all-around picture taker.. (of mostly people)?
Thanks for your help!! :D

Anonymous said...

p.s: i was thinking of buying the whole camera kit but if the leses arent worth it, then i'll get my own lenses..
also for the price, i meant for the camera kit not just the body
ok ty!

Lauren said...

i went into the canon store to finally get the camera (kiss x) and they were SO RUDE!!! i felt like because i was a foreign girl that they were treating me differently. i had the same experience in all the other places i went. some even refused to sell me the camera unless i bought the whole kit - even though i wanted the base and 50mm 1.8 (just like you!) after so many problems I still have no camera and am gonna bring a korean friend with me next time.
i found places were generally selling the japanese warranty kiss x for more than the 400d and rebel - so should u just go for the cheapest? is there any difference?

Anonymous said...

Hello! Great blog info on cameras, thank you so much. May you please guide me on the exit number that I should take if I take the subway to Namdaemun. I've been there once, and went out on Exit 5, and all I saw were clothes and bags, hehehe. I must've have been to the market. I suppose the camera stores are outside the Namdaemun market?

conjon said...

I just went there, you gotta exit the metro station and then cut through the market. It's on the north side, near the namdaemun underground arcade. Good luck!

a4ajmal said...

hi guys, 'm posting it from india, can anyone help me to find out the korean price of CANON EOS 4OD WITH KIT LENS (28-135MM LENS) and i would like to know the price of CANON EF 100MM USM MACRO lens as well.
i have heard that korea esp the incheon duty free is cheaper comparatively other parts of the world. kindly revrt as early as possible either mailing on my id(a4ajmal@yahoo.com) or posting a reply on the same blog. thanx in adv.... cheers

idd said...

Hi! never knew Namdaemun has a good camera shop. I've been looking for Canon shop in Seoul and ended up looking for it in Gmarket. Unfortunately it's much more expensive. I am glad I found your blog and I will try to go look for this Canon Plaza you suggest and can't wait to buy a new camera ^^. Have fun taking pictures!

Anonymous said...

Hi I see most people recommending to Namdaemun to buy... But it seems that it is a long time seems anyone have post here...

Can I know what is the lowest I can haggle for Canon 50D and Rebel T1i?

Anonymous said...

hello REEDSCO, fOR Canon 50D the price in Namdaemun is around W1,390,000 (Body)and for Rebel T1i(EOS 500D is arround W920,000 (Body), i saw this price from one of the canon store.

Anonymous said...

I would like to learn the prices for "canon 5d mark 2" in Namdaemun; ( or else where in Seoul ) .
Thanks - Oguz
from Istanbul, Turkey

Jaelyn said...

Hi can you please help me check out the price of the CANON EOS 550D? I'm going there this decemeber and contemplating whether to get it in korea or from Singapore. Thanks alot for your help.

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