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Tuesday, 7 November 2006

Myeongdong: interesting ways to attract attention + lunch

Most stores and vendors in Korea like to clap their hands to get your attention. It works because every time I hear clapping I turn my head and say "SOLD, I'LL TAKE TWO!"

Check out this video taken inside ABC Mart, a shoe store...cheering and clapping!

We had lunch at Sinpo Woori Mandoo. The mandoo was amazing. Devante had a dolsotbibimbap (veggies and rice in a hot stone bowl) and I had doenjang jigae (tofu soup).

Here's the mandoo...freshly steamed and delivered to us:

Devante's dolsotbibimbap...the stone bowl keeps the dish piping hot...

Here's my jigae when it arrived...boiling hot...you can't even see what's in the soup:

5 minutes later...

Shinpo restaurant, it turns out has a chain in Vancouver, BC. So all you Vancouverites out there, check out this restaurant on 833 Bute Street and tell me about your experience!


Anonymous said...

I used to love getting soon dubu from BCD in L.A. I miss it so much :(

Anonymous said...

Hmmm that clip was hilarious, i couldnt imagine going into store where all their workers clapping hand . . . btw do the bookstore staff clap their hand too? :p

Gary said...

han: thanks for visiting my blog! :)
As for the clapping, I found it funny because I was already IN the store! Once I'm in, the noise pollution actually deters me from staying IN the store and forces me out!

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