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Tuesday, 28 November 2006

The new Homever parking attendant team

With Carrefour's exit from Korea and its takeover by Homever, this brings a new era with it too--parking lot attendants that is! The new Homever team has replaced the old Carrefour crew. New uniforms, standards, methods and techniques...who would've thought directing traffic would be so complex?

Now there are two people working the entrance to the parking lot. One guy directs traffic and stops traffic to reduce the annual carnage rate when pedestrians have to cross (ourselves included). Once a car passes the dude, he encounters another attendant which hands the driver a parking voucher--incredible!

I always mimic the old Carrefour parking guys (check out my previous post regarding this matter) to my students and they get a kick out of it. It's always fun to pretend to direct the "bad" kids out of class like they're cars pulling into the parking lot--but that hasn't happened yet (don't worry, I would never embarrass or shame my students).

Here's a picture of the old setup:

Here's a video of the new guy...watch the slick hand movements...it's hypnotizing:


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