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Friday, 10 November 2006

Reviewing ReviewMe...Sponsored Post

Blogging has been a lot of fun for me. I love the internet and spend copious amounts of time surfing the web. Writing about my experiences in Seoul has been great and the response I get from readers around the world really motivates me to keep on writing (plus the fact 90% of my posts are food related also helps too).

My interest in blogging peaked when I stumbled across Darren Rowse at ProBlogger.net as he has managed to earn his living by blogging full time (it bought his house). I'm not saying that I am aspiring to do this (maybe one day) but it opened my eyes to the potential one has by utilizing the web. Another full time blogger is John Chow (who is from Vancouver, BC). These guys are pros and they are making a living out of blogging.

Recently I came across a website called ReviewMe. Their service revolves around paying bloggers to review an advertisers product or service. I found out from John Chow that they are fairly selective in what blogs they choose to add to their network. My blog was accepted due to my prior submission to Text Link Ads. They have put aside $25,000 to build up some "hoopla" about their new service. So this post just made Gdog $20...by writing 200 words. That was pretty easy! ;-)

Here is a screenshot of my blog info on ReviewMe. My blog ranking is determined by factors such as web traffic, link popularity, and RSS subscribers.

OK, now that this post is finished...we're gonna get back to more miscellaneous posts by Gdog & Company!


Anonymous said...

You'll have to tell us more about this mysterious wonder of making money by writing and eating Korean food ;)

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