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Tuesday, 7 November 2006

Shopping in the morning at Myeongdong: GO EARLY!

The first time we visited Myeongdong, it was on a busy Saturday afternoon in July. This time around, we woke up early and made it there by 11:00am on a Sunday. The difference was astonishing. The streets were empty and we could actually walk freely and not do the "stutter step" (this is when walking feels like you're part of a cattle herd).

Our first stop was the Lotte Department Store. We were waiting in line for the store to open with other Koreans. It was quite exciting. I don't know what people were looking for, but they sure were in a hurry. Afterwards we went to the main Myeongdong district and it was awesome shopping with so few people around. I highly recommend going in the morning to avoid the crowds. The moment the early afternoon came, it started to get crazy busy.

Waiting to enter the Lotte Department Store (Krispy Kreme is to your immediate left; yes, the light was on so we each got a free donut):

This poster was inside the grocery of the Lotte Department Store...I found it to be quite humorous:

Samsung, the makers of everything!

Here's a street in Myeongdong at 11:15am...

...fast forward three hours...and this is the mayhem at 2:15pm:

Picture taken on the way home. Everyone loves to sleep on the subway:


ZenKimchi said...

When you first said you lived in Mokdong, in the back of my mind, I was thinking Myeongdong. That's why I was asking, "How did you get there on your first try?"

I'm an idiot.

Gary said...

ROFL!! :)

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