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Wednesday, 1 November 2006

Top two lunches of the week...

Our lunches are determined by two factors:
  1. The groceries we have in our refrigerator...and
  2. The time we wake up in the morning!
Bearing this in mind, we usually plan what to buy on Sundays. I always ask myself "what do I feel like eating this week?" Well, this time I was craving chicken wings so and a sandwich of some sort. Yours truly came up with garlic n' sweet chili sauce wings and Devante helped create an open faced chicken cheddar melt. I would have to say these two lunches have been the top two of the week!

Here I am frying fresh chicken wings from the local grocery store (Homever opens November 9th...so until then we've been going to a grocery store that is located in the same building as the Spongy Seafood buffet)

Once the wings were nice and golden, I drained the oil in the pan and poured in a mixture of sweet chili sauce, oyster sauce and two giant cloves of garlic. I let the sauce reduce and voila!

Here's the open faced sandwich: strips of broiled chicken breast, button mushrooms, onions, green peppers and cheddar cheese. All this resting on a toasted slice of multigrain. Hungry anyone? I am!!!


Anonymous said...

That's a heck of a lot of chicken wings on one small slice of bread! Makes me want to go out for some KFC :(

Anonymous said...

Oh, those chicken wings look really good.

Gary said...

Whoops, the pictures probably lead to some confusion. But those chicken wings were a side dish with rice on Monday, and the sandwich was lunch on Tuesday.

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