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Sunday, 26 November 2006

Waiting for the day that I try live octopus...

Eating live octopus is a delicacy in Korea and it is something that I am waiting to try. Last night, after enjoying yet another bbq dinner (yes, I know), we passed by a fellow transferring baby octopuses from one tank to another. The suckers were sticking pretty hard to his rubber gloves--just imagine them in your mouth!

My students who have tried the octopus told me that you have to chew it well, or face choking to death when it gets caught in your throat. I will keep that in mind when the time comes to try it. It doesn't look appealing but it sure does look interesting to say the least. Anyone here tried it before? Pointers?

Here they are...are you hungry yet?

Words don't do justice to explain how much suction these tentacles have...so here's a video:

Here's a video that shows how tricky it can be to eat it (taken from YouTube):


Anonymous said...

I've had cuttlefish and octopus like the one in that video a few times. I still haven't had one whole.

We should do that together.

Gary said...

I would assume this live octopus stuff would be old hat to the ZenKimchi master.

As for eating one whole...I think I should start with the tentacles first! hehe. But eating one whole, once again like I said, it would be blog history in the making--muhahaha!

estlxlan said...

i had it during my trip to jeju. it tasted bland but the sauce (i think it was salt with something) makes the different.

we had ours cut into real small pieces so it was not as creepy as the one on utube. =)

i don't really like the texture of the creature but it was fun having it stuck on my tongue. =P

Jon Allen said...

yes I tried them at a sea front restaurent at Incheon and have the video to prove it on the blog!
They are a bit like chewing gum: you keep on chewing and they don't seem to get broken up.
Then you figure they aren't going to suck anymore and you can swallow.

Gary said...

Very interesting...I can't wait to try it. Thanks for the pointers!

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