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Sunday, 10 December 2006

Samgyetang: the perfect meal for a cold

I usually get sick once a year and it usually happens in the fall. Well, this year, small classrooms filled with sick students equals an easy way to catch a cold (freezing weather helps too).

Anyways, tonight we decided to eat samgyetang, which is Korean ginseng chicken soup. It's an entire young chicken stuffed with rice, ginseng, garlic and other ingredients that comes boiling hot in broth. It's a great way to ease my winter cold and heal my body. Both Devante and I went to a this place near Mokdong station (if you remember, samgyetang was one of our first meals in Korea; Lily: we followed your advice).

Heated floors are great in this freezing weather:

The best part of a meal in Korea: THE SIDE DISHES!!

Samgyetang in all its glory. It's best to eat this when your body is in a foul mood (no pun intended):


Anonymous said...

My mom made this for me after I had my baby, but she also added "Chinese wine", dates and chestnuts to it.

Gary said...

Interesting. Samgyetang is the perfect meal on a cold day. The ginseng wine almost got me drunk (served in a small thimble)!

Anonymous said...

She also made me about 15 packages of seaweed soup, which are in the freezer, and had me sit over a big pot of steaming... green vegatables, to get the "bad blood" out.

Anonymous said...


I hope it made you guys feel better!
I've been busy with finals - or I would have responded earlier.

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