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Thursday, 18 January 2007

Blog Tag...I've been tagged! 5 things about Gdog

Tag was played by most of us when we were in school as youngsters (some of us probably still play in secret...shhh!). Anyways, the traditional game has now gone high tech and made it onto the internet.

While I was vacationing in UAE, I was tagged by Ed Lau over at the.[ED]ition (who was tagged by John Chow). I was so busy that I never did have the chance to respond. The premise of blog tag goes like this: once you are "tagged" by another blog, it's your turn to write five things your readers don't know about you. I was recently "tagged" again by Katie over at the TEFL Logue, so I guess I should finally get cracking and respond. This should get interesting...here we go:
  1. My profile mugshot is not my real picture. I am not a dog, although one would think so after referring to myself as Gdog. That picture is actually Devante's dog (who is living it up in UAE I might add). So, let's set the record straight: Gdog is not a canine with internet access in Seoul, South Korea. I am not a real dog. I am teaching abroad, pretending to be a dog with a blog.
  2. I love all things to do with computers and the internet. I started using a PC back in 1994 and I've been hooked ever since. I was never a self proclaimed computer nerd before that. I lived a normal life that involved a strange phenomenon called "exercise"...and square meals. Now I suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome and lack of sleep (I am currently over 400lbs and climbing; I wash myself with a rag on a stick). Who would've known? You know you're addicted to checking your email when...hold on, let me finish this after I check my email.
  3. I am addicted to FOX's hit show 24 and am unable to stop using Jack Bauer quotes at work (and in the classroom). Want to read up on random Jack Bauer facts? Click here. "WE'RE RUNNING OUT OF TIME!"...my question is, when does Jack sleep, eat or go to the washroom? Also, his cellphone battery life is extremely impressive!
  4. On the topic of addictions, at one point in my life I was addicted to eBay, both selling and buying. It's a great feeling winning an auction during the last minute of bidding--but it's an even greater feeling selling useless junk and having people bid on it! The most memorable sale was...NOTHING! I created a "test auction" selling "nothing" for Valentine's day and someone bid, won, and paid me $1.00! I was an eBay Powerseller (along with an eBay Store) at one point and my feedback rating still stands at 99.2% with over 720 positives.
  5. I am saving the environment with my current watch, a Citizen Eco-Drive (thanks Devante!). An energy cell (with none of the chemicals used by conventional batteries) stores energy absorbed by the solar panel covered dial face. This means I will never have to change the batteries on my watch...for a lifetime. Eco-Drive is the way to go! Now, if only alternative forms of energy were used to power our cars...when will that ever happen (if you've read this far, I am not 400lbs and do not suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome)?
You just read five things about Gdog that you probably did not know before (unless you're a family member or friend). I hope you had fun reading this, because I had fun writing it. Good night!

Let's continue this game of blog tag...in no particular order...
...considered yourself tagged!


Michael Kwan said...

Selling nothing on eBay is quite a feat.

Michael Kwan said...

Oh, I sent you a PM on RS a long while back asking if you wanted to do a link exchange. I guess you never got it, but are you up for a link exchange? Email me at michael@michaelkwan.com

Anonymous said...

It's good that Asian countries are gearing to learn English.So they can sleep english,eat english,walk english,talk english,drive english marry english because english is a funny language.

Jon Allen said...

That is uncanny, I was thinking about blog tagging only this morning!
I'll have to get my thinking hat on.
I want to write up our latest trip first though.

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