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Monday, 8 January 2007

UAE Part 5: Al Hamra Fort Hotel & Beach Resort

So it's Christmas day and we're in Ras al-Khaimah. What to do--how about Christmas brunch at one of the up and coming mega projects that will put Ras al-Khaimah on the map to visitors from around the world! We decided to visit the Al Hamra Fort Hotel & Beach Resort, another mammoth project that is underway in the region.

As I mentioned in my previous post, the Al Hamra Fort Hotel is part of the Al Hamra Village project, where they will also be adding an 18 hole golf course, the New Palace Hotel, a Marine and Yacht Club, various housing developments, and a shopping and commercial mall. The hotel was jam packed with tourists from Europe and other parts of the world--lots of them. Another eye opener for sure, as these areas are not the hot spots for vacationers.

Here is a picture from the Al Hamra Fort Hotel, looking out to the main road:

This picture was taken from the front entrance looking out. Notice the architecture to resemble a fort (by the way, those are slabs of marble on the ground):

Here's part of the buffet, mainly the fruit and cold items:

How about some fruit to start my day (and olives too)?

Being a Muslim country, pork is a restricted item from an Islamic diet. Here, we have a waffle with some hash browns and veal bacon. Yes, I said that correctly, veal bacon. Basically it tasted like beef jerky:

...you can't have a breakfast buffet without a trip to the omelette station:

Now, multiply the plates above a few times and you'll have an idea of what I ate.

After breakfast we took a walk along the beach. It was overcast and there was some drizzle, so that meant no beach goers today:

Looking at the hotel itself from the beach area; the middle part is lobby and to the right is where we ate our breakfast:

Check out all the beach chairs (you gotta love the construction in the background...it's everywhere):

Looking out into the water...this was a their own man made breakwater area, away from the beach (more construction in the background):

The way back from the Al Hamra resort was even more interesting, as you'll find out tomorrow (ahh, the joys of living in RAK). Here's a special picture for all you gingerbread fans out there...

"Why eat the buffet when I can eat a gingerbread shingle for free?" -a hungry, young tourist


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