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Saturday, 10 February 2007

Ask me anything about teaching in Korea

Periodically, my email inbox is flooded with emails from visitors asking about my experience in Korea and how we prepared for it. Usually, I am quick to respond but lately I have been quite busy so I do apologize if I have not responded to everyone out there.

Well, today I will put the discussion in your hands. Are you considering teaching English in Korea? What do you want to know? Where to start in your journey of finding a job? What to ask your potential employer? What to bring to Korea? If you want to know something, pose a question here in the comments, or email me and I will answer them on the blog. If you haven't already, check out my FAQ on teaching in Korea that I've compiled. There's some good information there if you are just starting out.

So...what do you want to know?


Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot for doing this. I have done a lot of research on the web but blogs like yours are definitely the most helpful.

Anyways, I am looking specifically at Yes Youngdo and I see they have a bunch of campuses throughout Seoul. What area of Seoul is your favorite part, or where do you wish you could live in Seoul?

David said...

Hi there. I also appreciate the willingness to answer some questions.
My husband and I are headed to Daegu in a weeks time. We are very excited. I will be teaching for the public school system there.
In general, what are the best things to keep in mind when you arrive in Korea?

Anonymous said...

I am a Canadian and am seriously considering doing this for a year if Im not accepted into teachers college in Ontario. I would love more information about finding a good company that doesn't try to rip you off and what to expect if teaching younger ones English (kindergarten).

thanks so much
you can email me at sunny016@hotmail.com

I find out about teacher college in April so I would be looking to come to Korea in May most likely. How soon should I apply and with the new rules for visas how long could I expect the process to take?

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