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Monday, 5 February 2007

Bennigan's @ Seoul Station

On Saturday night we had the pleasure of meeting up with my sister's best friend and her sister, both who were visiting Seoul (from Canada). Along with their friend in Seoul, the five of us met up for dinner at Bennigan's. With a total of 28 locations in Korea, this family style restaurant is quite popular with Koreans. Their specialty is steak, so it is comparable to the other western style family restaurants I've visited, such as TGIF's, VIPS, and Outback Steakhouse.

We decided to meet at Seoul Station as that made it easier for both parties to rendezvous. The temperature on Saturday night was as follows:

Here is a picture of Bennigan's at Seoul Station:

Bennigan's was packed. Luckily, we only had to wait 15 minutes for a table. You would presume that the style of food here in a family restaurant would be similar to back home. In some aspects it is, but there is always a local influence. Check out their full menu here, or read on and you'll see what I mean.

For example, take a look at my starter salad, the Lemon Sherbet Salad (yes, that's lemon sherbet). It consisted of iceberg lettuce, crushed cashews, some sort of tangy dressing, only to be topped off with a healthy scoop of lemon sherbet and drizzled with balsamic vinegar to top things off. It was quite tasty, but it the cold lemon sherbet dominated the flavor of the salad--plus it almost gave me a brain freeze!

For my main course, I decided to go with their Triple Combo Steak, one of the features of their new BBQ Grill Menu. This dish consisted of a rib eye steak, a chicken breast, tiger prawns, a grilled slice of onion and pineapple, a baked potato with sour cream, and--a ramekin full of orange marmalade. I wasn't sure what to do with the marmalade so I avoided it altogether. Now, this is where it gets interesting. After my second bite of my steak, I found something that every diner despises--a hair in my food. Yup, a hair was ingrained into my precious steak--doh! We notified the staff and they were quick to rectify the situation. They immediately prepared a new plate and informed us that my dish was going to be complimentary! Sweet!

Here's my first steak in all its glory...

...and the second plate, which arrived 10 minutes later. It was an excellent steak I might add, and I would recommend trying it if you ever visit a Bennigan's location. I was so stuffed I left two bites of chicken on my plate--I just could not eat anymore. I lowered my head in shame at that very moment.

Devante had the Beef & Chicken Quesadillas, which I also helped her finish. I forgot to take a picture of her plate, but here it is from their website:

Currently, there is a promotion for all KTF mobile users. You can get a free dish on a Friday in February by displaying a graphic on your cellphone downloaded from the net. Also, if you have a KTF member card (which I was told is free from any KTF location), you will benefit from 20% off most dishes. Definitely worth it in my opinion!

Although this was our second visit to Bennigan's, I enjoyed visiting the Mokdong location more as they have a fully loaded and rockin salad bar that is included with your order. So you might want to check out which locations have them. Here is the name of our waitress from the Mokdong location--she literally was bogus (I've been waiting to post this...finally!):

Locations! Here they are along with their respective telephone numbers. There are many to choose from:

1. 59 Dong Seong Plaza #2F
011-05-37-424-8200Map this location
2. 540-1 Sang-Dong
011-82-32-328-6200Map this location
3. 94 NonhyunDong
011-82-2-517-5007Map this location
4. Unit #126-Daejeon
1027 Dunsan-Dong
011-042-488-6100Map this location
5. Goyang City Juyeop Dong 73 Tayoung Plaza
1st Floo
011-82-031-915-6800Map this location
6. E-To Tower 2 Fl.
1456 Guwol-Dong
011-82-32-455-1400Map this location
7. 13-13 Goanchurl-Dong
011-822-739-7600Map this location
8. 1 Fl. Central Building 10-1
011-82-2-774-5100Map this location
9. 3F Nampo Plaza Building
82-2-51246-5800Map this location
10. 627-1 U1-Dong haewondae-Gu
82-51-740-660Map this location
11. 101-7
82-2-393-6700Map this location
12. 727-1 ChoGwang Bldg
Sanggye Nowan-Gu
011-82-2-931-2300Map this location
13. 2f Boo Young Green Town 2
Yangcheun Gu, Seoul
011-822-2642-7100Map this location
14. Daegoo-Si
011-53-762-3900Map this location
15. KyungGi-Do Su Won-Si PalDal-Gu InGye-Dong 1038-4
011-031-221-9600Map this location
16. SeoChu-Gu
Seoul this location
17. 449-13 Seokyo-Dong
82-2-337-2600Map this location
18. KyungGi-Do AnYang-Si DonAn-Gu PyungChon-Dong 897
011-031-423-3100Map this location
19. 159-9 Samsung-Dong
82-2-567-8600Map this location
20. Chunggye Bldg 2F
011-82-2-736-1300Map this location
21. 158-10 Samsung-Dong Kangnam-Gu
011-82-2-3452-7500Map this location
22. 255-1 Seohyun Dong
Bundang Gu
Sung-nam City
011-31-709-9100Map this location
23. 122-11 Bongrea-Dong 2 GA
Jung Gu
011-02-362-9700Map this location
24. 182-4 Bangie-Dong
82-2-3431-8400Map this location
25. 164-1 Hyewha-dong
82-2-766-9800Map this location
26. 177-2 Dokok-Dong
82-2-3453-2700Map this location
27. 1316 17 Seocho-Dong Seocho-Gu
011-822-3481-6500Map this location
28. 1612-5 Samsan-dong Nam-gu

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Henry Finn said...

Nice post, so hungry now. The last time I went to Bennigans I was all excited to finally eat a ceaser salad in Korea. When it arrived it looked perfect, but when I dug into it I hit a massive amount of tomatoes buried beneath it :( Who puts tomatoes in a ceaser salad?!
The KTF deal sounds good, do you get the photo off of the KTF or the Bennigan website?

Gary said...

Glad you enjoyed your Bennigan's experience too ;).

Anyways, at Bennigan's there is a number you punch into your cellphone that loads up the internet browser. They have posters up outside the restaurant. I think it might be on the Bennigan's website too, but I'm not sure.

Anonymous said...

Hello he used to be as of aisle AND stalwart to visit your Page than it is to all right organised congrats I let um I hug Vanderlei

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