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Friday, 9 February 2007

My Ray Ban sunglasses: the 25,611 kilometer journey

Ras al-Khaimah to London: 5466 km
London to Vancouver: 7577 km
Vancouver to Victoria: 110 km
Victoria to Vancouver: 110 km
Vancouver to Hong Kong: 10251 km
Hong Kong to Seoul: 2097 km

*edit* Total kilometers: 25,611 km (16,006 miles; whoops, simple mathematical error)

Phew...you're probably wondering what is with the figures above. Well, I'm going to explain it to you. On the last day of our Christmas vacation to the UAE, we went to the Mall of the Emirates and I experienced Ski Dubai. After arriving at the Dubai airport and saying our *tearful* farewell to Devante's parents, it dawned on me--I FORGOT MY SUNGLASSES IN THE CAR! DOH!

Now...you're probably thinking, "they are just sunglasses, calm down you little cry baby!" Well, these aren't just any sunglasses, they are my polarized Ray Ban sunglasses that I've had for many years. I love these sunglasses to death. Anyways, here is the start of the magical and mesmerizing journey that my sunglasses were going to partake on.

First things first, I contacted Devante's parents on their cellphone and they verified that my sunglasses were in the backseat (I'm an idiot). Her mom told me that a lens had popped out because someone accidentally sat on them (NOT FUNNY!). The next day, Devante's brother would be making his trip back to Victoria. His flight path would take him from Ras al-Khaimah to London, then to Vancouver, BC, then to Victoria. Once he was back in Victoria he dropped them off at my house. My mom gave them to my uncle who mailed them to Richmond. After being received by my brother, he gave them to my sister, who then gave them to her best friend, Tracy, who was heading on a trip to Asia in a week. Tracy took my sunglasses to Hong Kong where she would be vacationing. After a week in Hong Kong, she made trip to Seoul to visit her old high school friend. Once in Seoul, we met up with Tracy at Bennigan's at Seoul Station. I received my sunglasses (which were still intact) and instantaneously broke down into tears. I was so happy that we were finally reunited...*sniff*

So there you have it. The 25,611 (16,006 miles) kilometer journey...just for a pair of freaking sunglasses! You may think that is crazy, but it's one helluva story.

Here they are, the sunglasses that traveled around the world:

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Anonymous said...

Wow. Your sun glasses are better travelled than I am :\

Anonymous said...

I love this post of yours alot, it shows the softer side of you.hehe

Anonymous said...

Great post. I especially found it useful where you stated ...

what you can to be my friend?
please add my link into your blogroll

best regards

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