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Tuesday, 20 February 2007

Omuto Tomato: fusion omurice= omelette+rice

Do you love omelettes? I love omelettes too--make a me a Denver omelette with onions, green peppers, ham, cheese, and I will be in heaven. Today we're going to be talking about another kind of omelette. It's called omurice, a popular fusion omelette in Japan/Korea that consists of a thin layer of egg encapsulating fried rice. In Japan they cover these omelettes with ketchup, whereas in Korea most of the time it's some sort of gravy.

On the weekend I went to Omuto Tomato, where they make "fusion omurice". I went along with Hoo Kang, a friend and fellow business associate to discuss our plans to take over the internet and rule the world, muhahaha (insert evil laugh)! We went to a location in Myeongdong on Saturday afternoon. Usually Myeongdong is jam packed with people but this was the Seollal weekend, so everybody had left town. It did get busier after lunch but not crazy busy where you wanted to shoot everyone (figuratively speaking).

We started off with "fresh salad" (4900w) each that consisted of greens in a creamy dressing, along with a couple slices of smoked salmon. It was not bad and was an excellent dish to start my first meal of the day.

At Omuto Tomato, their main omurice dishes come in three sizes. You can choose from regular (180g), large (280g), or Xlarge (1000g, or 2.2lbs!). I was going to get the Xlarge size, but my better judgment (or lack thereof) prevented me from doing so. After you've decided on a size, there are four sauces to choose from: Cream, Tomato & Onion, Oriental, or Special (aka the mystery dish). For my first ever omurice experience I went with a tomato & onion served with fried shrimp--it was mighty delicious! Hoo Kang went the Oriental route and decided on a cubed beef and quail egg omurice--another excellent choice.

Here is the inside of the Myeongdong Omuto Tomato. Hoo told me that usually their locations are jam packed but when we went it wasn't busy at all. Don't the colors of the interior remind you of saucy rice omelettes? Sure they do!

Here is our "Fresh Salad" starter. If was I was to recreate this salad with the exact ingredients, it would probably cost me $1000--vegetables are expensive in Seoul, so 4900w is a bargain for this.

Here's my Tomato & Onion omurice. The shrimp was battered which soaked up the sauce nicely. The price for this was about 9500w (I can't remember exactly, sorry):

Here is Hoo's dish...looking very saucy indeed (the price for this...was about 9500w ish):

...and here's a picture that's totally unrelated, but I'm going to post it anyways because I know you all love TwoTwo fried chicken. Check out all the chicken sitting by the store front window. This was taken in Myeongdong--that's a copious amount of chicken!

Our lunch was pretty good, although I was still hungry. For some reason, I am always hungry in Korea and I can't stop eating (and taking pictures of what I eat). My students always ask me why am I always snacking on something--and then they call me a "pig". Nice one kids, I'm going to call your moms now--we'll see who gets the last laugh, muhahaha!


Anonymous said...

wow, really? my mom puts ketchup on top of the egg when she makes ours.. and we're korean. o_o;
mmm it still looks yummy! :D

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