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Friday, 2 February 2007

Sushi in Korea: Dan Sushi

Who loves sushi? I do! Sushi in Korea tastes different from sushi from back home. I can't really describe it, but the sushi back home packs more of a flavor punch. Anyways, if you've been reading my blog since the beginning you probably remember our visits to (read here first) Dan Sushi.

Located in the same building as our work, Dan Sushi recently started an all you can eat lunch buffet! For 15000w (not including the Value Added Tax or VAT, which brings the total to 16500w) you can stuff your face full of sushi. Today, we accomplished that feat right before work. Normally, their prices for sushi are determined by the color of the plate. For two pieces of sushi (yes, two bites) the price ranged from 1300w to 10,000w. So 15000w for all you can eat at Dan Sushi was sounding pretty good to me.

Dan Sushi has what is very popular in many sushi restaurants in town--the conveyor belt. Busy chefs just prepare plates of sushi non stop like runners competing in a marathon. We got seated at a booth right by the belt--excellent! Non stop miso soup and green tea was also provided. Let's get onto the pictures!

Wasabi anyone?

The eel roll:

I had a few of these:

...and some of these (notice the bottom of the sushi--it was some sort of sweet berry jam):

...and these...

...at least four plates of these...the salmon was awesome:

...you can't have sushi without some tempura:

...onto the dessert...a milk pudding of some sort (I had two servings):

A tiny snapshot of our plates...they kept on removing our plates but I wanted to stack them as high as possible for my photo ops...this was the highest I got. In total, three of us had at least 40 plates in total. These pictures are just a preview of the sushi we had for lunch. I was seriously contemplating taking a nap after getting back to work (but of course I had to go see another eye doctor first):

I know you're just dying to see a video of the conveyor belt in action, so here ya go!


Anonymous said...

I love sushi, I wish it wasn't so expensive. There are several all you can eat places here in Carson City, NV, and Las Vegas has buffets with all you can eat, but no conveyor belts in either town

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