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Sunday, 25 February 2007

The writing is on the wall at Starbucks

You read the title correctly--the writing literally is on the wall at Starbucks! At this location in Sinchon (a bustling area full of university of students) counter tops and the walls were littered with miscellaneous ramblings in Korean. Take a look at these pictures. The text is most likely written by lovey dovey Korean couples, declaring their endless love for each other. I would like someone out there to start this trend at your local Starbucks back home. However, if you get arrested or in trouble, don't involve me please!

My mocha frappuccino--it tasted mighty fine and was mighty expensive:

Here's the writing that was all over the counter near the window:

...it doesn't stop there as there's also writing all over the wall. I think they need to ban Sharpies or something:

You might find this last picture interesting. No, it's not an optical illusion, it's an intersection that has six crosswalks (there's another one directly to the right that you can't see) in Sinchon. Walking diagonally across the street is awesome!


Anonymous said...

They're more civalized at this resturant in Seoul, they use PostIt notes..


Gary said...

Haha, thanks for the article. But still, permanent markers give a longer last effect--it requires changing the counter tops and putting up new wall paper. What fun!

jano said...

you know, i remember that starbucks when i lived in sinchon a couple of years ago and i don't remember any writing on the walls... that must have started after i left!

i loved that intersection! it's fantastic for people who are in a hurry (or lazy people, in my case).

Anonymous said...

But when it it safe to cross diagnonally?

Gary said...

All the lights turn red and the cars stop. So it turns into a free for all!

Pema Blue said...

I randomly came across your blog. It is amazing. So much information and pictures and just everything. I am thinking about teaching in Korea within the next year so this is a lot of help.

Gary said...

pema blue: thanks for the kind words. Teaching in Korea is an adventure in itself. Read up and check out my archives! Good luck.

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