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Monday, 19 March 2007

Cooking hoil for a new toaster oven

Recently we added a new appliance to our kitchen, a toaster oven from Homever that cost only 14900w ($15USD). Now that we have a toaster oven this opens up many doors that were previously closed. Reheating pizza will be a joy in the oven. We can now bake items, such as chicken fingers, cookies, muffins, even banana bread (you'll have to wait and see if we actually get around to making any of these though).

On our search for some cooking foil, I ran into a similar product that I was hesitant to try. Some of you might have heard of this before and some of you might think it's just plain crazy. It's called "Cooking Hoil" and it's courtesy of our friends at Homever (remember the world's worst goldfish bowl?). Luckily we passed on this unique opportunity and went with the traditional tried, tested, and true product known to many as "cooking foil". Talk about dodging a dodge ball there, huh?

Anyways, for those who are interested in my antics in the kitchen, here are my homemade chicken fingers that were made with the help of our new toaster oven. Just a little FYI when I first turned on the oven for a quick "burn in" test, it started smoking and smelling like cheap plastic. I guess you do get what you pay for! There are no temperature settings, just a timer for the oven and a choice to have either the top element on, the bottom element on, or both.

I cut up a few chicken breasts into strips, mashed up some salted soda crackers to use instead of bread crumbs, added some salt, pepper, and added some basil to the dry mixture. After a quick egg wash the strips were then dunked into the dry mix and fried in a pan, then finished off in the oven.

What would we do without our trusty TFAL pan?

The $15 toaster oven in all its glory--with a pearl blue paint job to boot, what more could you ask for in a toaster oven (real temperature settings would be nice, but that would be asking for too much for $15)?

The final product...


john from daejeon said...

Hi GDog,

Costco recently had a small oven for about $75 U.S. and it even had Fahrenheit heating settings. I came very close to buying it, but my boss said I could have one of theirs. It was a toaster oven--not an oven, oven. I was bummed, but the lack of ingredients here make it hard to do much baking.

I'm taking a vacation I did not plan on right now. I spent 4 days in a small hospital with a burst appendix. It was pretty intense and scary. My boss even spent the first night in the hospital with me. My blood pressure was so low and I was in shock, so a 50 minute operation was performed in 15 minutes by two doctors. Then I had no pain medication b/c of my lack of blood pressure. My fellow teachers came to see me and here I am wirthing and spewing gibberish. The doctor was very worried about having a foreigner die in his hospital. This hospital has one doctor who does the actual operations. When I finally could eat, the food was atrocious. The doctor had some problems with my intestines and stomach, so I can only eat soft food and no milk or cold items. The cooks were very upset that I only ate the soup and nothing else like their kimchi and other dishes.

I am very hairy, and the nurses were very amused by that. First all the shaving, and then pulling off all the tape off my arms from the ivs. One started to cry b/c of all the pain I was in and had to leave. I think every nurse there saw my naked at one point or another. It has been one hell of an experience, and it wasn't until two days later that the doctor and my boss let me know how serious it really was. But, all this and it only cost 1.2 million won. Not too bad for not having insurance. Insurance alone would have cost half of that anyway.

Well, I have some pasta to cook and need something warm to drink. Plus, I need to tell my family of the ordeal. I went in at 4 p.m. and was under by 5 p.m., so I didn't have time to do anything, much less call them at 3 a.m. in the morning and have them worrying.


John from Daejeon

Gdog said...

Holy crap John! Whoa, glad you are OK, that is some pretty serious stuff. You're back on the internet so that must be a good sign. ;) Happy healing!

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