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Friday, 30 March 2007

Emeril Lagasse would love this post

You all should be aware by now that I absolutely love eating barbeque (it's one of the things I'm addicted to and it even tastes good when it's not in Seoul) in Korea. Normally we would stick to galbi but last week we branched out after work for some samgyeopsal. Do you love eating pork? Do you love bacon? If you answered "YES" to both of these questions you will be in food heaven. Last week we went for bbq after work (I have a backlog of things to post about)...one of them was Jessica (remember her with five-time bodybuilding champ, Mr. Seoul?)

Samgyeopsal is the bacon cut from the pork belly. When it comes to the table it is basically thick strips of bacon, but not cured. This pork is then grilled up with kimchi (or other vegetables, like garlic and onions) cooking in the juices that run off to the bottom of the pan. The pork gets super crispy and tasty once it starts cooking in its own juices. Wrap a piece of crispy bacon with some samjang in lettuce and holy moses will you be in bbq heaven. Mmmm....I'm just drooling thinking about it again. ;)

This may not look appetizing at first sight, but give it about 5-10 minutes and I guarantee you will change your mind:

Here are a few sides that came with our samgyeopsal...this unidentified dish is called 돌나물 (dol-na-mul; Sedum sarmentosum; thanks ballsuni!). I could use the help of My Korean Kitchen or ZenKimchi right about now:

These are potatoes...that tasted like potatoes:

Here we are...the copper grill working its magic. Notice the kimchi hanging out in the pan along with some garlic and onions. Samjang is the small red dish (it's highly addictive) and a small dish of seasoning salt and oil that made the seared pork taste even better (someone give me the name of the salt&oil sauce!). Devante got plastered on bottles of soju...hehe

Here's the pork after being seared to perfection...in the words of Emeril Lagasse, "pork fat rules!":

We dined at the 24 hour BBQ place near Omokgyo Station, exit 8. One of the workers there has become a fan of Gdog...everytime we show up, we get some sort of "service" or free item on the house. This time it was bowls of naeng myun for the four of us, along with two bottles of pop:

What would Emeril say right now?

"I sweat pork fat!" -Emeril Lagasse


Anonymous said...

Was the salt and oil dish made with seaseme oil?

Anonymous said...

Not sure of a name, but it's usually just salt/black pepper with some sesame seed oil..

Gary said...

Yep, it had the salt and sesame oil combo. Maybe it's just called "salt with sesame oil"...

Anonymous said...

The unidentified dish is "돌나물 (dol-na-mul; Sedum sarmentosum)". My most missed namul! Fresh dolnamul with vinegal-pepper-sauce..

Anonymous said...

And "돌(dol)" actually means "rock", since that plant grows on rocks.

And you're almost right. :) Koreans usually call that salt+blackpepper+sesameoil = 소금장 (so-keum-jang; salt sauce). It's not really defined term, though.

Anonymous said...

your 'perfection' grill is far crispier and blacker than what a korean considers 'cooked'. once the pink is gone, eat eat eat! same applies to toast; once it's brown it's cancer-causing.
(looked good to me, though!)

Gary said...

ak: Yeah, it was starting to burn a bit so we had to move fast and devour it all. As for the pink, I like to eat my pork well done. At some bbq places, like you mentioned, the moment pink is gone they push the meat to the side. I just put it back on the grill for a few more minutes! ;)

Sometimes I worry about cross contamination when they use the same tongs to that was all over raw pork to toss and turn our cooked meat. I'm still alive though!

imoet said...

hi! love your blog!
i'm addicted to korean pork BBQ too. Usually we have samgyeopsal, but last week just tried deunggalbi. Felt in love at the first bite!

Anonymous said...

Non-cured bacon is called Side Pork in the United States. Just a tid bit of info. :)

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