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Tuesday, 6 March 2007

Free filtered water...with paper sleeves

Normally, when I'm shopping and thirsty I would hit up the nearest convenience store (there are many corner stores to choose from) to grab a cold beverage. However, in Korea you will find lots of filtered water coolers all over the place, in particular grocery stores, some department stores, and food courts. The water is filtered and free so you can drink as much as your heart desires. See that plastic jug beside the water cooler? That's where all the nasty excess water drains into. This picture was taken at Homever (our convenient all in one shopping destination, just 100 meters away).

They don't use paper cups, but rather paper sleeves to drink out of. It may take some getting used to, but after about ten gulps (they don't hold a lot of water) your sleeve will pretty much be rendered useless. This is the norm especially at our work, where our students race at the sound of the bell at break times. They sprint like mad to these water coolers, only to get paper cuts on their lips while drinking filtered water. They come back to class with blood lips (okay, maybe there is a slight exaggeration here) Paper cuts suck--especially on your lips!

Check out how small these paper sleeves are--I can barely hold one in my hand:

Bonus picture of the day:

This was taken a while back and I have been waiting to post this...it's a delivery lady returning back to her origin of work--but she is balancing three trays of dirty dishes on her head while running in the rain--impressive indeed!


Darin said...

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if you interested, please add my link in your blog,
as you see in my blog, your link is already on my sidewide

thank you

wishing hard you'll exchanging link with me :)

jeffkee said...

I'm Korean-Canadian, and I recently started enjoying your blog quite a bit.. I haven't been in Korean for almost 6 years now and it brings back memories.

Keep up the good work.

And yeah, those little sleeves were always so annoying but I guess it's a cost-issue... who knows.

Gdog said...

Hey Jeff (ahn-young ha-sayoh), thanks for the kind words! Korea is a fascinating country--I never run out of things to blog about.

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