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Saturday, 24 March 2007

Jeju Cactus Chocolate

Jeju is a volcanic island south of Korea known as the "Hawaii of Korea". It has a temperate climate and is most famous for its oranges, which everyone in Korea raves about. We had a chance to visit Jeju-do during the beginning of our time in Korea. You may remember our "wonderful" hotel room in Seogwipo, our trip to Hyeopjae Beach next to Hallim Park, and our visit to Jeju-si, Central Jeju.

Anyways, Jeju also makes some famous chocolate, one of them known to many as Jeju cactus chocolate. Cactus in chocolate?? Yeah, you got that right. According to one website, "Jeju cactus chocolate is made with cactus powder through vacuum lyophilization (I didn't know what that meant either) of Jeju cactus. It adds nutritive substance to deep and tender chocolate taste."

I've eaten this chocolate a few times now, mostly received as a gift from students and one time a lady from our bank. It's got an interesting flavor that one should give a try. You might not like it, but it's different that's for sure. The taste just pokes ya! Have you tried these before?

Here is an individually wrapped piece...that's a nice looking cactus:

...of course we gotta take a look at the back of this thing too:

The chocolate is made through a 3 layer sandwich process, with the cactus flavored layer (or orange) in the middle. Check out the chocolate making process if you're bored. Anyways, here's the picture you've been waiting for (those are my teethmarks):

The box looks something like this...time to find this in Homever:

When we head back home I will be sure to bring some of these chocolates with me. I will also pack some kimchi chocolates as well!


Sandra said...

Have you ever had cactus before? If you had did it taste like that, just with chocolate?

Gdog said...

I have never had cactus before. This chocolate tastes sweet, but with a different taste. It's hard to explain. Uh-oh, I hear the kids coming to my class, gotta go!

kim said...

Im addicted to these ! do you happen to know where i can buy them in the u.s ?

kim said...

do you know if you can buy this chocolate any where in the US ? my friend came back from korea and gave me so and im going crazy looking for some more T-T

Anonymous said...

Can you buy these candies in Boston Massachusetts ?

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