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Tuesday, 6 March 2007

Koreans love their yogurt drinks

People in Korea love their yogurt drinks. Back home we have all experienced YOP at one point in our lives. However, in Korea they have various kinds of drinking yogurt. There are kinds similar to YOP, in fruity flavors with a thick consistency. The other kinds are more of a liquid variety, with a watered down yogurt taste.

You may remember my posts about drinking yogurt in the past. Well, I thought I would bring it up again with some updated pictures taken at Homever. If you don't feel like buying drinking yogurt, you can always get it for free at most Korean pharmacies!

Take a look at the dedicated drinking yogurt aisle...this is only half of the aisle. They always keep the stock right to the brim because these things sell out fast, especially when they have "1+1" sales. They use clear tape and stick more bottles to the existing packs for sale, creating a feeding frenzy. Who needs anything else in life, when you can have copious amounts of drinking yogurt? ;-)


Leo said...

Yup, I was born in Taiwan and we sure had a lot of funky drinks over there. I grew up drinking these yogurt drinks and I always wondered why I had such healthy and regular bowel movements.
I live in Vancouver (35% Asian population), so I can continue to get these delicious and healthy beverages from our many ethnic supermarkets.

Gdog said...

Nice work, I love these yogurt drinks. I am from Victoria so I am more than familiar with the selection of Asian drinks in Ricemond, especially bubble tea, or bo ba nai cha...which I could drink right about now.

Anonymous said...

I'm not really a fan of YOP, but are there any favourites you would recommend. I can buy them in Richmond/Vancouver, but just don't which ones to buy. thanks.

Gdog said...

Anonymous: Thanks for visiting! All YOP flavors rock..try blueberry! :)

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