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Wednesday, 7 March 2007

Park Ji-Sung: the love of all Korean soccer fans

Koreans love the sport of soccer. Most children play it at school and with friends on the weekends (when they aren't doing hours of homework). Recently we read a book on sports stars and one assignment was to write about their favorite sports star. Roughly 80% of my class chose Park Ji-Sung as their favorite sports star. Mention his name and the kids go nuts (especially the girls).

Park Ji-Sung plays for the coveted Manchester United Football Club and is noted by fans for his stamina and work ethic, garnering the nickname "Three-Lung Park". One of my female students even went so far as to cut out his picture from the sports section of a newspaper.

Here he is in full flight:

"I am powered by kimchi!" -Park Ji-Sung

...this was the picture on the other side of the newspaper, which I thought was pretty hilarious at the time. It looks like South Korea cares just as much as everybody else when it comes to the buzz (no pun intended) involving Britney Spears and her head shaving antics:


Ed said...

I sat in Ji-Sung's spot in the Man U locker room when I went to Old Trafford this summer.

jeffkee said...

ya that guys quite a folk-hero for koreans from what i remember..

Gdog said...

The students go nuts over this guy, it's awesome. Everybody loves Park Ji-Sung!

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