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Tuesday, 20 March 2007

Shopping carts are for kids, not groceries

When we used to go shopping next door at Carrefour, we would just load up a shopping cart and push it right up to our front door. This was not the best policy as you would find Carrefour shopping carts scattered around Mokdong. There is a 100w (10 cent) deposit for the cart, but come on, 100w for hours of fun is totally worth it.

However, with the change to Homever, their shopping cart policy changed. We are no longer allowed to leave the premises with a cart because the parking attendant dude stops us every time. I've managed to outwit him by mumbling random English phrases quickly a few times and running away, and one time I even gave him my watch as a deposit for the shopping cart. Now we just buy groceries in small batches at a time (getting down to the grocery section of Homever involves going underground two levels) to avoid using a cart.

Today we will be talking about shopping carts. In Korea, most shopping carts have seats for your little tikes to sit in. But some carts don't have the seat by the cart handle (that we all remember sitting in). What to do? Heck, just throw all your kids into the mix with the groceries! I've never seen so many children sitting in shopping carts before. They are either sleeping, reading, or doing their academy homework while mom shops. Even when there is a child seat, you will still find kids thrown into the cart--they can't run away if they are in there!

Here are some observations from a recent trip to Costco. Check this cart out...there's barely enough room in there for groceries--two full grown children take up a lot of room:

...look at this little guy, sleeping in the cart because he was up late studying English. I assume they're going to pile items on top of him?

Here's something for you octopus fans out there...let's see you try eating these while they are alive!

Do you have any shopping cart stories?


Anonymous said...

great photos!

Guano Island

Anonymous said...

I used to always sit in my shopping cart in Superstore - either that or I'd ride standing on the front rail. One time I got so excited I accidentally rode on some random stranger's cart lol
There were many times I fell out too.... many hospital trips - I'm surprised I turned out alright.
Never stand in a shopping cart, kids.

Anonymous said...

When I was a kid, I used to do the same thing. IN FACT, once I got to be about 5 (a little too big for those "baby" seats), I LOVED to lay in the back of the cart and enjoyed my Mom piling groceries on top of me!

In fact... I kind of wish I was a kid again, just so I could ride in the grocery cart... =)

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