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Thursday, 29 March 2007

Tommy Hilfiger's long lost brother: Tommy Atkins

So we're in Myeongdong and we're starting to get extremely hungry. I've experienced food in Myeongdong a few times already. Fusion omurice at Omuto Tomato and Shinpo restaurant (the post about the happy clappy employees). We decided to go back to Shinpo for a late lunch because the food was pretty good last time. For those in the Lower Mainland, have you tried the Shinpo in Vancouver?

Anyways, let's get down to business. Shinpo is famous for their steamed dumplings, but this time we decided to try them fried. They were just as delicious, crunchy but still juicy in the middle. Served with a cabbage salad topped with gochujang:

Devante opted for the Teriyaki Udon noodle dish. This was a massive plate of udon with mixed vegetables and lots of chicken. We barely finished this dish!

I am huge fan of naeng myun (ice noodles) but the last time I had some was in the summer. I decided to get some as it would be a refreshing dish after a long day of shopping. The buckwheat noodles at Shinpo were excellent. I really enjoyed this dish.

There's a reason why they're called ice noodles...check this out:

Finally, I have to introduce you to a new friend of mine. It is Tommy Hilfiger's long lost brother in Korea, Tommy Atkins. Hmm...I do see a resemblance of some sort. Do you?


Jimmy said...

long lost brother? no, i think he is Hilfiger's less talented (and jealous) cousin

Gdog said...

LOL, nice one. It was either gonna read "long lost brother" or "retard-sandwich eating cousin" but I chose to go with the first one. ;)

Anonymous said...

steamed dumplings = mandoo
Fried dumplings = yakimandoo
But I'm sure you knew that already. That was my late night snack almost every weekend when I was there.

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