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Thursday, 12 April 2007

Blogger's Choice Awards - Best Travel Blog

The Blogger's Choice Awards is where is users and bloggers submit their blogs to let the internet public decide if it is blog-worthy. I have seen many notable blogs nominated, such as PerezHilton, Gizmodo, John Chow, and ProBlogger just to name a few. Why let the big guns have all the fun? That's why I just submitted my own blog to enter the races! If you think my blog is worthy enough to receive a vote for the Best Travel Blog, head on over to the Blogger's Choice Awards and support this blog with a vote!

This contest is just for fun and maybe some potential bragging rights (it's playoff time in the NHL so I'm craving for some competition), but that's about it. There are some pretty awesome travel blogs out there so it would be interesting to see how The Daily Kimchi fares against such incredible competition. Want some motivation to vote for my site? Have some Green Tea flavored Halls to get you started (it tastes like green tea--I should have gone with fail-safe cherry)!

Vote for The Daily Kimchi

My site was nominated for Best Travel Blog!


dpbenisz said...

Hello, do you by chance work at the Mok-dong YBM-ECC school? I'm looking to work at this location, but have heard some complaints about the chain and wondered if that included this branch, too. If you do work at this school, could you please give me your opinion? Thanks! My email is danbenisz@gmail.com

Anonymous said...

Awe. I want some green tea Halls, I'll give you all of my cherry ones. (and the nasty menthoyl ones!)

Anonymous said...


oh and i want green tea halls too! :>

Gary said...

Hey Dan, I work in Mokdong but not for ECC. Sorry I can't help ya. Mokdong is an excellent area to live and work in though.

Sandra: bring it one...I love cherry Halls! I love green tea, but it does not taste right when it's Halls!

lu: Thanks for the kind words, I'll have a caseload of Halls on the way. ;)

Unknown said...

Eeeww...how credible is this site when it has Rosie O'Donnell up at the top? I think I just threw up in my mouth.


Gary said...

Come on Ed, you don't have the hots for Rosie? ;)

jburron said...

You rock...cool blog.

I had one when I was there, too...

and some stuff on Virtual Tourist that newbies and potentials seem to like

Again, too cool.


dpbenisz said...

Yeah, that's what I hear. Thanks for the help!

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