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Wednesday, 25 April 2007

Gyms in Korea: Hyundai Fitness in Mokdong

*The following is a review of Hyundai Fitness located in Mokdong. Read on to learn how to get a discount on a membership*

When you're eating barbecue at least once every couple of weeks and eating out a lot on the weekends, you might have a tendency to put on a few pounds in Korea. If you do, you should immediately hit up a gym because "thin is in" in Korea. There is so much pressure to look good here it's like a pursuit of happiness. Anyways, the last time I worked out was...the summer of 2006. So when a brand new gym opened up shop in the basement level of our building, I was quick to check out what it was all about.

Hyundai Fitness is a large facility that offers a full gym with equipment, free weights, treadmills with LCD TVs, stationary bicycles, elliptical trainers, a steam room, stocked locker room with showers (complimentary lockers, soap, shampoo, Q-Tips, lotion, towels, etc. are all included), an exercise studio, two indoor driving ranges, and a golf simulator. All the equipment is brand new at Hyundai Fitness. They definitely did not spare any details when it came to setting up the place.

Like most gyms in Korea, workout clothing is supplied with your membership! This is an awesome service because it saves you from doing laundry at home. You just show up, trade your membership card for a locker key at the front desk, pick up a pair of shorts (the kind that has the built in underwear lining that we all love to hate), a dri-fit-like t-shirt and you're ready to go. They have blue shirts for the guys and red shirts for the women. It's quite the site seeing everyone wearing the same clothes...it's like we are on some sort of sports team in training.

Working out is convenient for us because we can just go straight after work at night. The gym so far is relatively busy with lots of people working out. There are two to three personal trainers on hand at all times that speak English. They are very helpful and motivate you when you're trying to slack off. So far we have enjoyed using their facilities and the staff there is extremely friendly and helpful. The big question remains...how much does a membership cost?

The Part You've Been Waiting For:

You all know by now that Gdog is known for getting deals (tea deals that is). Today is your lucky day because I've managed to secure an EXCLUSIVE discount on membership for readers of The Daily Kimchi! Did I say discount? Yes I did...let's find out what I was able to come up with! There are three different type of memberships available: Platinum, Gold, and Silver. All memberships are a minimum six month term at Hyundai Fitness. Here are the prices before and after the discount:

Mention The Daily Kimchi to get this discount. You might have to talk to the owner as he is probably the only one that knows about our deal at the moment, but I am sure word will spread. Be persistent and you will save some cash!

Gold Membership (12 month term; price is per month)
Golf + Gym + Studio Classes 110,000w----90,000w
Golf + Gym 100,000w----80,000w
Gym + Studio Classes 70,000w----60,000w
Gym 60,000w----50,000w
12 month savings: 120-240,000w

Silver Membership (6 month term; price is per month)
Golf + Gym + Studio Classes 130,000w----120,000w
Golf + Gym 120,000w----110,000w
Gym + Studio Classes 80,000w----70,000w
Gym 70,000w----60,000w
Six month savings: 60,000w

Now that's not a bad discount at all if you ask me. Given all the extras that are supplied by the gym this is a pretty good deal if you're looking for a gym in Mokdong especially when you can hit all the balls you can handle in the golf area (the driving range is my favorite part--we'll get onto that later).

This is what you will see the moment you enter Hyundai Fitness. Smile, you're on candid camera!

Give them your membership card and you'll be presented with a locker key attached to a bracelet:

These pictures don't do justice. This calls for a walk around video...here we go. Watch for body shaking machines...do they actually work? People love them here. I'm sure they were delighted to see me walking around with my camera, hehe:

Here's a picture of all the men and women in red and blue...it feels like a police academy or something! Notice the LCD TVs in the background. Every treadmill has one...I was watching two dudes duke it out on the Korean Game Channel, which looked like an Ultimate Fighting Championship match, but in a video game. The game of choice?--Starcraft (released in 1998!!).

The fitness studio...they offer various group exercises. I noticed some belly dancing classes going on when I first visited the gym...not in this pic though!

Here's my favorite part of the gym--the golf area. There are two different rooms dedicated to golf, along with a putting green. Golf clubs and balls are included! I no longer need to stick with my homemade driving range!

...notice the monitors on the last two stalls. These monitors track the speed and distance of your shot. Also, there is an auto-loader that tees up your ball after your shot. It was my first time seeing one of these things...pretty cool.

Alright, move aside KJ Choi and Se Ri Pak...watch and learn from the master. Keep an eye on the automatic golf ball loader that tees up your ball. When you're hitting a couple thousand balls a day, this thing will come in mighty handy. How's my swing?

Here's the golf simulator room. Who needs to go to a course when you can let a computer do all the work?

I hope you enjoyed this post as much as I did. We feel much healthier now that we are exercising more (it helps cough up the yellow dust build up in my lungs) plus I can hit a few golf balls in the process (the last time I hit some golf balls was in the UAE). Hyundai Fitness was kind enough to sponsor a membership for me in return for writing a review of their gym. At the same time, readers out there looking for a gym in Mokdong can get a nice discount too. In this case, everybody wins!

Hyundai Fitness is located in the same building as TGI Friday's and Dan Sushi in Mokdong (basement level) about a 10 minute walk from either Omokgyo or Mokdong station. Hours are 6am to midnight, Monday to Friday, and 6am-9pm on Saturday and Sundays. They can be reached at 02-2061-0333.


Anonymous said...

awesome post!!! i love reading ur blog daily...though i don't think i've ever posted a comment. i have some family that lives near the mokdong area...and after reading ur daily adventures, i'm seriously looking into teaching in this area! i've been hmm-ing and haw-ing about what hagwon to link up w/ and after searching endlessly about diff places...i feel as though i'm going to try and apply to YES Youngdo! take care and love the blog!!!

Natasha said...

wow that's pretty darn cheap for a 12 month membership!!
$80US for 12 months for golf + gym!
or is it $80 PER month?
The 2nd golf video is pretty snazzy -- how they replace the ball for you - but isn't it part of the exercise to bend down and place the ball on the tee?

Gary said...

sarah: thanks for posting your first ever comment! You should be proud ;)!
Also, Mokdong is a great area to work and live in. I heard that YES is a pretty reputable company. I know people who for them. Good luck.

natasha: I made a mistake, the prices are per month, as you suspected. I know...the auto loading tee...it's the lazy golfer's dream!

Jon Allen said...

Pretty good deal there.
I'm paying 195,000 for a three month (gym only) membership in Yeouido, but that is only for the period 8-11am!

What are the changing room areas like?
Our place has a huge hot tub and sauna, which is excellent.

These gyms are big business, especially the golf part.

Unknown said...

I see not much has changed with your swing, still as terrible as ever. Weak grip, poor takeaway...I could go on, but there isn't enough space. dIRTy!!!

Gary said...

jon: the change rooms have individual shower stalls, with lockers, soap, shampoo, etc. I wish there was a hot tub. There is a sauna in another area of the gym.

8am-11am only? Wow...those definitely are limited hours!

Phoenixstorm said...

great info!

I've been searching for a gym close by. Im going to head over there today .

Thanks again

Anonymous said...

Very useful, excellent information..

You may also find it useful to visit my website: http://www.healthopts.com

Anonymous said...

i have a friend that i know from myspace..
he lives in mokdong..
bu we lost contact about a month ago..=[
so would u like to be my friend?? lol
my e-mail is sufia_susha@yahoo.com
thank u!

Vanya Lasagna said...

Can I just tell you how awesome this blog is! I have been offered a job at W Language Institute in Mokdong. I was very curious about Mokdong and this has answered many questions for me. Oh and I will now stock up on deoderant. What school did you teach for? I can find no reference to it's name. I was just wondering if it was the same or ECC? Anyway, I will definitely be joining this gym if I take the Mokdong job.
Thanks gDog.


Kim said...

I'm applying to teach English in Seoul and I'm wondering how I can email you with questions!
Everything you've posted looks really helpful and interesting...
My email is:

Anonymous said...

nice post

dannyseoul said...

Awesome post! I'd like to enroll in memebership.. is this discount still in effect?


Gary said...

Hey Danny I'd show them this post and ask! Where are you working??

Anonymous said...

I'm currently researching some schools to teach at in Seoul and wondering if it is allowed to have a side job. I'm a personal trainer here in the states and was wondering if it were possible to do that part time.

Anonymous said...

im working by balsan station.. i went to the gym today and the prices have dropped sometime since your post.. now a one year membership is only 500,000 won (about 42,000 won per month). ^^

Anonymous said...

im working close to balsan station.. i went to the gym today and the prices has actually dropped since your post.. a one year membership is now only 500,000 won (about 42,000 won per month) ^^


Unknown said...

Im looking for recruitment agencies/contacts who deal with corporate training professionals. I wish to live and work in Seoul. I also plan to get married there this year to my fiance, who currently lives there. I have extensive, proven corporate experience, teaching and designing Military, IT and SoftSkills training programs and designing e-learning courses for multinationals.

Could you possibly direct me to any contacts, websites or agencies who deal with this type of work?

I have 1000's of hours teaching experience, but only a HND in Engineering and no ESL yet, would it be worth me looking for work as an English teacher, or would I need more quals?

I can move on this very quickly from my current base in London, so any advice is much appreciated,

Ian Matthews

guys this is a long shot but are there any fitness jobs for english speakers in seoul?

im in uk you can get me on polarbearwellness@gmail.com

any help enormously appreciated

Unknown said...

Hey! Lovely blog.
How much would it cost for a month of membership?

And if that's not availible, what's the daily fee?

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