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Saturday, 7 April 2007

Lost in your dreams? Drink Ceylon Tea

There are lots of different kinds of beverages here in Seoul. Coffee, instant coffee, tea, barley cola, etc. Now, whenever I'm feeling down and I need a pick me up, the choices I just mentioned pop into my mind. Lately, I've added another drink to that list. What is this drink you ask? It's another incredible product from the enormous Korean conglomerate Lotte, Ceylon Tea.

There is a huge market in Korea for iced green tea. Most Koreans drink green tea as a healthy alternative to sugary carbonated sodas. However, I have yet to find sweetened green tea. The next best thing is Lotte's Ceylon tea. It tastes like lemon iced tea with just a right amount of sweetness. It's extremely refreshing and highly addicting. So addicting that we recently bought a case of 30 cans from Costco. If you like this tea, buying it at Costco is the most economical solution. Normally these cans sell for 650-700w (65-70 cents) at convenience stores. However, the price works out to 300w/can (30 cents) by buying from Costco! Muhaha...what a deal!

We've been drinking these at work non stop at work. Either there's a lot of caffeine in these drinks or there's liquid crack mixed in! It doesn't help when the can is only 240ml, just under the equivalent of a juice box. Anyways, here's a picture of the can you've been waiting for (check out that rad ship):

The best part about this can is the "poem" written on the can. Maybe since it's written like a poem this allows for the poorly executed English. Grab some tissues because it's gonna get emotional after reading this:

Ceylon Tea.
Now dream of Tea is distilled each pure drop
a tear of joy
A vision of paradise for men
lost in their dreams
Sailing the Indian Ocean towards new horizons
Ceylon Tea.

Whoa, that was deep. To all the guys (women too) out there lost in their dreams, drink this tea already. Sometimes I wake up and I say to myself "How did I end up in Korea?", crack open a can of Ceylon Tea, then immediately start craving a voyage across the Indian Ocean.

Anyone else out there like Ceylon Tea (or lost in their dreams)?


imoet said...

will buy and try it tomorrow (^_-^)

George Bailey Sees The World! said...

That's hilarious.

ZenKimchi said...

As long as it's not Cylon Tea.

...frackin' Cylons...

Gary said...

imoet: what do you think? like it?

Zen: what the heck is Cylon?

Anonymous said...

hey : )I LOVE TEA!
haha i'm like ceylon tea?
cause i'm like always dreaming of going to korea, over here, there is too much stress! hah, that's wishful thinking : (
smile always! : )

imoet said...

just tried it and....I LOVE IT!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I have yet to try this drink...

but I tried sweetened green tea in korea... nestea green (or similar to that)! I prefer the unsweetened though, I guess sweetened tea has a hard time on the korean market...

Tim said...

When i was at Camp Esseyons ( now closed ) in Uijongbu i would drink this tea every single day.

I was also prompted to buy it because of the tiny story on the can.

I have tried a few times while in the states to find it and have very little to no success. Including Korea town in Manhattan.

Anonymous said...

I like this drink a lot too! It's awesome. I wish I could find how many calories are in each can. Do you have any idea?

I also like the Strait Tea. Have you tried it?

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