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Friday, 20 April 2007

The Simpsons Movie in Korea

The Simpsons is the longest running American sitcom on TV today. Watching The Simpsons while growing up was one of my favorite things to do (Sundays, FOX, 8pm PST). The laughs were just endless and will be etched in my mind forever. People always relate real life stories back some sort of random Simpsons episode. I haven't had time nowadays to closely follow the show as I did before, but I do watch the occasional episode. Did you know that episodes of The Simpsons were subcontracted to Korean animation studios to save costs? I had no clue--the things you learn from Wikipedia!

The Simpsons Movie is currently under production and will be released worldwide in theaters later this year on July 27th. What made me want to post about this was the fact that their official movie website has languages for countries around the world--with South Korea being one of them!

I found it interesting to read the Korean writing on one of the movie wallpapers. The large black and yellow letters read: "Shim-shuhn daw-moo-bee," in Konglish...which translates to "Simpsons The Movie" (which I'm sure you already figured out!). Ahh, the joys of learning how to read Hangul!

Check out the following screenshot from the movie website...the mouse rollover includes Korea! Yeah, Korea! Korea! Korea! Baekdu Mountain is ours! Kimchi is our famous traditional food! Jeju is the Hawaii of Korea (this is ultra Korean nationalism rubbing off from my students' essays to me)!

They have even created MSN Messenger icons for all the hardcore fans out there:

So there you have it...mark July 27th on your calendars because I know I will. See you at the movie theaters! Does anyone out there still watch The Simpsons religiously?


Anonymous said...

Dear GDOG -
I think the transliteration would be more like "Sheem-seun Gah-Johk Duh Moo-bee."
Enjoy your site and your growing appreciation for all things Korean.

Gary said...

Thanks for helping me out with that...I wasn't sure what that top character was after "gah" cuz it looked weird. Now I know!

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